[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Building Real-Time Innovation Into Retail

Posted: May 22, 2019

How retailers are using APIs to streamline the customer journey.

Consumer desire for always-on connectivity is driving dramatic change at retail. But retailers never built their core systems for real-time access to information across the enterprise, and certainly never intended them to be subjected to customer demands. Retailers, however, face huge cost challenges in replacing all their core systems. For that reason, many are focusing on APIs as an effective way to:

  • Modernize and extend existing systems;
  • Streamline the customer journey;
  • Increase transparency in sales channels;
  • Enable whole new sales channels;
  • Incorporate differentiating, value-added services.

Join this webinar for a briefing on the latest research from RSR to learn what is driving the movement toward APIs, innovative ways retailers are using them and practical advice on how to attain the maximum value from them.

Featured Presenter
Brian Kilcourse
Managing Partner
RSR Research

Featured Presenter
Oliver Guy
Global Indusry Director, Industry Strategy
Software AG

George Anderson

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