[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] The critical role of Amazon and Walmart marketplaces

Posted: September 21, 2017

Online marketplaces are fast becoming a critical part of the ecommerce ecosystem.

Large retailers such as Amazon and Walmart are investing in development of their own marketplaces to expand their product assortment without having to purchase inventory. Smaller merchants feel that they need to sell on these retailer owned marketplaces because consumers’ shopping trips are most likely to start there. And brands are feeling the pressure to embrace marketplaces in order to control them.

In this webinar, Rakuten Intelligence’s Principal Analyst, Ken Cassar, will unveil new insights and data to help you understand the role that marketplaces play today for shoppers, brands and retailers.

Key questions:

  • How significant are sales that come from marketplaces, and what is their growth trajectory?
  • Are marketplace consumers different?
  • How can brands understand which marketplaces are most significantly driving sales?
  • How should brands place marketplaces strategically in their sales channel mix?
  • How does the penetration of marketplaces vary across categories?

Feature presenters:
Ken Cassar, Principal Analyst, Rakuten Intelligence

Kiri Masters, Founder and CEO, Bobsled Marketing

Moderated by:
Al McClain, CEO, RetailWire

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