[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] What Holiday Marketing Success Will Look Like

Posted: October 3, 2019

When preparing for the year’s most crucial selling season, retail and brand marketers can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of the past — nor miss out on the best new strategies.

In this exclusive RetailWire webinar, Oracle NetSuite’s Greg Zakowicz helps get you in gear for a successful 2019 email marketing holiday season. Greg recaps last year’s results and clues you in on the best new tactics. You also get advice on:

  • Discounting pre-Cyber Weekend;
  • Subject line tactics to stand out in crowded inboxes;
  • Which past strategies are trending up and down.

Greg is then joined by Evan Snively, loyalty strategist, Maritz Motivation, and Lauren Goldberg, principal, LSG Marketing Solutions, who engage in a lively discussion and audience Q&A!

View the recording and download the PDF!

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