On-Demand Webinar: What just happened? Study results from the craziest holiday season on record

Posted: January 27, 2021

See this on-demand webinar for a holiday post-mortem.

Learn about what happened in seasonal hiring, staffing and in-store safety, based on a just-completed pulse survey of retail managers conducted by UKG, with additional analysis from the workforce gurus at SYRG. See data on the challenges and trends defining the 2020 holiday season and insights that will help retailers streamline workforce operations in the year ahead.

We also did a prior-year comparison to reveal:

  • How stores changed their approach to seasonal hiring and staff engagement;
  • How associate performance impacted store success;
  • To what extent COVID-19 had a direct impact on store operations (and staff morale), and;
  • Whether or not managers deemed their stores fully prepared for the holiday rush.

View the webinar and download the PDF!

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