Pricing intelligence can rebalance CPG/retailer relations

Posted: October 7, 2020
Woman hand revealing four aces

“It’s become like a game of poker in which only one party can see all the cards.”

Despite efforts to hold their ground, consumer packaged goods companies have been forced to cede much of their influence over category management to their retail partners. Tensions and tough negotiations are nothing new to these relationships, but one key factor has become evident: CPG companies are finding themselves at a severe disadvantage because they lack access to real-time retailer sales and pricing intelligence.

In this white paper, you will:

  • Learn how CPGs can manage their trade spend more strategically by gaining mastery over competitive pricing data;
  • See examples of how CPGs can use AI-based tools to leverage granular pricing data to avoid wasteful blanket spending decisions;
  • Learn how suppliers can regain the leverage they need and negotiate more authoritatively with retail.

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