Omnichannel Journey Design

Posted: July 8, 2021

In today’s retail environment, shoppers are increasingly using multiple channels to research, browse buy and communicate with brands.

In order to stay relevant, retailers now have to meet their customers in all places at all times with the appropriate offer to drive them to the right next step. This requires a holistic channel strategy that thinks in connections rather than siloes to share operational resources like data, inventory and staff, with a singular focus on delivering an amazing customer experience.

Download this new report by PSFK (the company behind Retail Innovation Week) to learn the latest trends and innovations from leading brands as they help to reshape this new blended shopper journey.

This 49-page deep-dive research report includes:

  • A five-stage framework comprising the omnichannel purchase journey
  • 10 leading trends with a focus on how digital connects to a bricks & mortar visit
  • Consumer insights, industry stats and expert quotes
  • Best-in-class case studies (including how Nuance is helping H&M)

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