ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Historic E-Commerce Boom Ignites Real-Time Data Initiatives

Posted: May 13, 2022

Top-line study results and analysis from our panel

RetailWire’s latest shopper experience study documents the extraordinary omnichannel tipping point that the retail industry has experienced and the shifts retailers are making towards advanced data analytics environments.

In this recent webinar, study author Joe Skorupa presents an insights-rich summary of the study results. Our expert panel then joined Joe for discussion to add examples, perspective and analysis to the study findings. Give this a watch to learn how retailers are planning to optimize omnichannel shopper experiences as a top priority in 2022.

Joe Skorupa, study author for RetailWire
Sam Steiny, Senior Retail Marketing Manager, Databricks
Shelley Kohan, Associate Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology
Moderated by: Katie Thomas, Lead, Kearney Consumer Institute

View the webinar and download the PDF!

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