Six steps to leverage in-the-moment events

Posted: September 19, 2022

Thousands of retail organizations are turning to an innovative #RealTimeRetail strategy called event-driven architecture (EDA) to streamline their supply chain and deliver hyper-personalized experiences to customers in the moment.

Imagine the possibilities of real-time data for your organization:

  • Relevant, in-the-moment customer upselling and rewards
  • Real-time view of stock inventory, minimizing errors with online orders
  • Automatic price adjustments as daily market prices fluctuate

EDA puts the power in your hands to efficiently share information across your enterprise, and Solace has helped many retailers on their journeys – from leading supermarket chains, like the Schwarz Group, to global home furnishing giants.

In this guide, Solace’s Chief Technology Solutions Officer, Sumeet Puri, shares his key insights and best practices that have helped those organizations effectively implement an EDA strategy on the path towards true real-time retailing.

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