Precima/FMI Study: Next Generation Loyalty

Posted: June 6, 2018
Precima/FMI Study: Next Generation Loyalty

State of Shopper Loyalty [Part 1]

A new Precima/FMI study of 200 food retailers and 3,000 shoppers takes a fresh look at what loyalty means today.

One top-level finding of Precima and FMI’s new research is that 80% of shoppers believe they are loyal to their primary grocery store. And yet in reality, only 19% shop at only one store, and only 7% spend more than 90% of their budget at their primary grocery store.

As the study indicates, shoppers believe they are loyal and have a desire to be loyal but they do not behave in a loyal way.

Download the “State of Shopper Loyalty,” the first of a two-part series, to learn what loyalty is, it’s importance to retailers, and how well retailers are doing in earning the loyalty of their customers.

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