A RetailWire ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The New Art of Listening to Customers

Posted: February 27, 2019

Using advanced email strategies to build emotional connections.

Retailers, convinced of the critical importance of building ecommerce loyalty to compete in this marketplace, are finding success moving from transactional conversations to building emotional connections with their customers.

In this recorded session, Oracle Bronto’s Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Greg Zakowicz, and’s co-founder, Steve Deckert, explain how to build the connection and continue the conversation after acquiring a new email subscriber or persuading a customer to make a purchase.

Greg and Steve are then joined by leading loyalty marketing expert Phil Rubin, CEO of rDialogue, for a panel discussion and audience Q&A.

On the agenda:

  • Email strategies for listening to customers to add value to their experience;
  • Building a brand community through a modern rewards strategies;
  • Tactics that make the experience more of a conversation and less of a transaction.

View the webinar and download the pdf!

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