Camille P. Schuster, PhD.

President, Global Collaborations, Inc.

Camille Schuster (Ph.D. from The Ohio State University) is currently a Full Professor of Marketing and International Business at California State University San Marcos and President of Global Collaborations, Inc. Dr. Schuster has conducted seminars and worked with over 60 companies in more than 30 countries around the world.

Dr. Schuster has also taught at Xavier University, Arizona State University, Garvin School of International Business (Thunderbird), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and Indiana University Northwest.

Dr. Schuster co-authored a book entitled, Global Business: Planning for Sales and Negotiations, with Michael Copeland from Procter & Gamble. She has co-authored a book entitled, The Consumer . . . Or Else! with Don Dufek, retired senior vice president and officer of The Kroger Company. A book entitled, The Rise of Consumer Power: Adopting the Right Marketing Communication Strategies was published in Singapore. Dr. Schuster has authored over 30 articles in professional and academic publications.

  • Posted on: 10/24/2019

    Will customers get the ‘social proof’ they need from Fomo Storefront?

    Those shoppers who strive to belong and be part of the group will gravitate to this feature. Those shoppers who are not concerned about being part of a group will not be interested in this tool. Those in the second group may want to know which product or brand worked better but are not motivated by what others are buying. So Fomo Storefront will have some success but will not encourage sales for everyone.
  • Posted on: 10/24/2019

    Walmart creeps on Christmas with promo deals before Halloween

    Probably. Those who try to get a handle on holiday season stress by doing tasks early will be very happy to see the early sales and other convenience moves. Competitors have already been having sales whether or not they are labeled as Christmas sales. Personally I prefer not labeling them as Christmas sales or activities until after Thanksgiving. However, having the sales and using the electronic choices are going to help sales whether or not they are labeled as being for the holidays.
  • Posted on: 10/23/2019

    Will going fur-free move the needle on Macy’s brand image?

    The impact will be negligible on most consumers. The strong negative or positive impact will be on those consumers who either want to buy fur products or object to the purchase of fur products.
  • Posted on: 10/23/2019

    Do angry shoppers make happier customers?

    Anger-primed and being angry are not the same. When someone is angry there is a reason and focus for that anger. Seems to me that would make focusing on shopping or a different goal more difficult. Can any other emotions be primed to increase focus? Is it the process of being primed that promotes focus?
  • Posted on: 10/23/2019

    Best Buy is ready for Christmas with free next-day deliveries for almost everyone

    Delivery speed appears to be important for online sales. I must admit that when I have to wait longer than a week for something I find it frustrating. Since I have been conditioned to wait, the difference between one-day and two-day delivery is not a big issue for me. However, it appears to be important to many other consumers. Balancing the needs to say competitive and profitable continues to be the puzzle retailers need to solve.
  • Posted on: 10/22/2019

    Seven things store managers should do now to be ready for Christmas

    Short shift starter meetings can have an impact if pertinent information is conveyed and the meetings are kept short. Metrics can be useful if they are measuring the performance you want and are transparent to employees. Training, monitoring, and rewarding desired behavior are always helpful. More communication is necessary at this time of the year when lots of new employees are often hired.
  • Posted on: 10/22/2019

    Can b8ta do for fashion what it’s done for consumer tech?

    Testing concepts is always good but what is being tested? Is it the viability of the product, the appeal, the style, the functionality? If the purpose is to showcase new ideas and get feedback that can work. However, there will be a lag time between testing, analyzing data, launching production, and getting product out. This is plenty of time for competitors to also launch products. Will the test data be coming from the company’s typical consumers? There are lots of unanswered questions but the test is set up to answer questions.
  • Posted on: 10/22/2019

    What should retailers do when brands post fake reviews?

    In this era of desired transparency and little enforcement, consumers need to be wary of reviews. This situation sets the stage for and reinforces consumer skepticism. If the retailer allows fake reviews to remain on their website, the skepticism is toward the brand and the retailer. Retailers have options for how to respond: 1.) do nothing and accept the consumer response, 2.) tag reviews as coming from the brand, 3.) identify reviews that have been verified by consumers, 4.) take fake reviews down, 5) penalize the brand. Of course monitoring reviews takes time and identifying fake reviews is difficult. What is a retailer's reputation worth?
  • Posted on: 10/21/2019

    Should Amazon be charging for ‘curated’ toy guide placements?

    Paying for advertising space is common. The Amazon claims of a catalog curated for consumers and implying impartial expert evaluations when placement is based on advertising dollars is a problem. This type of misleading claim is why consumers, especially younger ones, distrust advertising. In this age of transparency, Amazon’s claims are not appropriate.
  • Posted on: 10/21/2019

    Will Barneys find success setting up shops inside Saks Fifth Avenue?

    The issue is not whether a themed store can be successful. Of course it can if it's the right fit. That is a question with Barneys. Saks is trying to attract younger customers, but will the Barney customers be interested in Saks’ products or vice versa? That is the question. Success depends upon how well the parties have done their due diligence and whether there is actually a customer fit.
  • Posted on: 10/21/2019

    Jungle Jim’s delivers a foodie adventure

    A food pantry for foodies is a great description. It is always an event to visit Jungle Jim’s. I would not do regular grocery shopping there because it takes too long, but I used to love to go for the adventure. The store definitely has a unique niche and has had it for many years.
  • Posted on: 10/02/2019

    Is Walmart’s CEO the right leader for Business Roundtable?

    As consumers of all ages are leaving traditional outlets, using new technologies, receiving poor customer service, and rejecting the values of some traditional businesses, it is definitely time for companies to consider more than shareholder value. If they do not make a shift, more companies will be filing bankruptcy papers. It is imperative to see the market as it is, not as it was and view the company holistically as it moves to create value for consumers with motivated employees to make a profit.
  • Posted on: 09/27/2019

    How can retailers scare up more Halloween sales using social media?

    Great comments. To go one step further, this approach can be successful for other holidays and occasions as well.
  • Posted on: 09/27/2019

    Why do IT service outages keep happening at retail?

    Planning, funding, and installing technology are huge issues for retailers. So huge that retailers are worn out and stop thinking about the issue once the technology is up and running. However, the job is not finished at that point. Contingency planning for problems and monitoring performance are also critical tasks for long term success. These activities are often thought to be unnecessary when the vendor promises that specific technology will work and the retailer does not want to spend more money. However, the hit to sales and image can be quite expensive as well.
  • Posted on: 09/27/2019

    Amazon wants to take the lead on regulating facial recognition tech

    This issue is problematic in many ways: accuracy is not high except for white males, there is potential for privacy violation, there is the possibility of editing pictures, and concerns about responsible use of data. Until accuracy is reliable, it seems early for legislation. However, it may be time to start thinking about rules and guidelines as the technology is developing. It is difficult to believe that Amazon would not propose legislation that would benefit their company more than the public good. Maybe more than one company or agency should be considering or proposing legislation.

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