Christine Russo

Principal, Retail Creative and Consulting Agency

Christine is an industry analyst for retailers, brands and technology solution providers through her firm, the Retail Creative and Consulting Agency. She is a graduate of Cornell University, has made her way to retail by way of Deloitte and worked for global retail brands. Her expertise is in digital and physical retail.

RCCA works with brands and retailers from enterprise through independent and is a source for optimizing business through digitization, automation and technology.

RCCA specializes in authentic reports and interviews with leading technology platform service providers for real-talk about solutions — game-changing, affordable, manageable solutions — that have big impact on the bottom line.

She has served as a mentor and strategist for companies such as Chief Strategy Officer of The Robin Report, mentor for NY Fashion Tech Lab and Graduate School Professor of Global Retail for the Fashion Institute of Technology Graduate School.

Christine lives in New York City, has three grown daughters,  one American Eskimo and one English Bulldog.  If she wasn’t relentlessly researching retail tech and growth strategies, she’d be a very average stand-up comedian.

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