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David Mascitto

Product Marketing Manager, Tecsys
  • Posted on: 12/01/2020

    Does COVID-19 provide retailers with new opportunities to bond with customers?

    Engaging with customers by keeping them informed of stock levels, implementing safety protocols and ensuring fairness (by limiting people from over-buying) strengthened the bond between the retailer and customer during the pandemic, by showing them they are working in their best interests and not just for profit. Going beyond these practices by giving back to the community and ensuring employees are well-treated can also build loyalty by aligning to a customer's value system.
  • Posted on: 11/20/2020

    Should landlords get a cut of online sales?

    In order to include online sales in the calculation for a percentage lease agreement, the role of each specific store in the customer's online buying experience needs to be examined. What is the store being used for? If it's click and collect, then there's a strong argument to be made for the sale to be included in the store's sale total, as it played a role in delivering service to the customer. If it's fulfilled from the store (picked and packed) but shipped to the customer, the fulfillment process is different, but the same argument can likely be made. For pure online sales, shipped to the customer from a location other than the store, the sale belongs to the online channel as the store had no hand in delivering the service.
  • Posted on: 11/17/2020

    Are retailers cutting their way to profitability or slowly bleeding to death?

    There's no question that North America is/was over-retailed and store closures were going to be an inevitability as omnichannel gained further ground and D2C also ate up marketshare. The pandemic has simply accelerated this. What retailers need to do now is optimize each channel, be it store or digital, to ensure they can extract every dollar of profit they can from every order. That could mean using a break-even or unprofitable store as a micro-fulfillment center to help lower delivery costs, or taking a hard look at their SLA with customers to ensure they are not "over-delivering" on speed and convenience when it's not necessary and makes orders unprofitable. A holistic approach to supply chain efficiency and customer experience is needed and not knee-jerk reactions like across-the-board store closures and free same-day shipping.
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