DeAnn Campbell

Chief Strategy Officer, Hoobil8

DeAnn is a retail strategist and trend explorer with 20+ years in the biz and a zealous belief that healthy retail makes healthy communities. Currently head of strategy and insights at Harbor Retail, DeAnn works to help brands and retailers to build greater profitability by leveraging the interplay between e-Commerce and brick and mortar.

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My passion for retail began in architecture and shopping center construction, and ultimately to leading Strategy and Insights teams. This career evolution has given me a unique 360 degree perspective on retail from the vantage of both the customer and the seller. With 20+ years of experience working with major brands and retailers across Canada and the U.S., I build marketing, design and operational strategies to grow revenue, improve lifetime customer value and expand profit margins.
  • Posted on: 09/26/2022

    Can Instacart marry in-store and online grocery shopping experiences?

    This is a glimpse of what the future of grocery shopping will entail, and a smart investment for Instacart. Combining these technologies across online and offline channels gives shoppers more ways to control the type of shopping experience they prefer, and acknowledges the growing comfort level that consumers have using technology.
  • Posted on: 09/26/2022

    Rivals take notice as ads account for five percent of Amazon’s retail revenues

    We’re entering the eye of a perfect storm where the push for consumer privacy meets the shopper’s expectation of personalization. Retailers are beginning to realize that ads can give them access to more zero- and first-party data, and create a recurring revenue stream. That’s a big win for everyone.
  • Posted on: 09/21/2022

    Gap is cutting 500 corporate jobs as it searches for a CEO and answers

    Even after the past five years of upheaval the Gap name still holds a lot of weight with consumers, so their place in the apparel universe is still salvageable. But closing stores cost them dearly, not just with lost capital dollars, but in lost customer engagement from no longer having a way to physically engage with the product. I'd love to see Gap adopt a fresh slate mentality and build something completely new that pulls all online and offline channels together in a smaller format that partners more directly with local community.
  • Posted on: 09/20/2022

    JCPenney’s beauty makeover is going chain-wide

    Becoming known for offering a great experience around inclusive beauty products is a smart move for JCPenney since this is an underserved market that Ulta and Sephora don't adequately fill. If they can maintain the quality and consistency of their offering around an enjoyable experience that is connected across online and offline channels, they should see good results.
  • Posted on: 09/20/2022

    Are biases still holding back marketing analytics?

    The biggest challenge to making data informed decisions is not having visibility of where the gaps are in the data used to build a customer picture. Shopper behavior is influenced by factors beyond the shelf, but without being able to connect that customer's movement across all of their shopping channels then the picture built is skewed by assumptions and biases. Enriching customer data with technology that connects shopper engagement across online channels and integrates that information with robust in-store analytics will help to remove assumptions and biases from the equation.
  • Posted on: 09/20/2022

    Is livestream commerce about to break through?

    Retail is no longer a "one size fits all" journey so retailers would be wise to embrace livestreaming to serve the younger and more influencer- and social media-driven shoppers that are beginning to mature in their careers and earnings.
  • Posted on: 09/14/2022

    Walmart and other retailers are canceling billions of dollars in orders

    Supply chains are a partnership, and since partnerships are, above all, based on trust and mutual support, this move could cause damage to all parties involved. Fallout from manufacturers scrambling to find ways to last minute buyers, or simply having to landfill unused raw materials, design or ad agencies losing contracts for content around new products, and consumers ultimately paying higher prices across the board because future supply prices are higher to offset the damage and contingency clauses resulting from order cancellations. And all of this could have been avoided with better use of data analytics and more agile business structures to allow retailers to make incremental adjustments more quickly.
  • Posted on: 09/12/2022

    Is now the right or wrong time for retailers to invest big in their businesses?

    The retail industry is at an evolutionary change point. Advances in technology are making it critical for businesses to invest in foundational system upgrades if they hope to stay relevant going forward.
  • Posted on: 09/09/2022

    Target ditched its mandatory retirement age to keep Brian Cornell in charge

    Given the challenges today of finding and keeping good staff, mandatory retirement is just bad business. Now more than ever companies are in need of both continuity and fresh thinking to get through the new evolutionary point that retail is entering. Why not focus on the right person for the job and forget about age, race and gender completely? Maybe some day we'll get there. I hope.
  • Posted on: 09/09/2022

    Should Ulta be merging premium and mass beauty products in its stores?

    Combining mass and prestige products does create a more organic shopping experience, one that better matches the online shopping experience. This is important because it will help shoppers mentally shift between online and offline channels much more quickly, which will help them make a purchase decision more easily. At the same time, this does make it even more important for the retailer to offer tools to help shoppers feel they have chosen the right products at the end of their shopping trip.
  • Posted on: 09/07/2022

    Will making house calls redefine CVS and Walgreens’ relationships with their customers?

    CVS made a commitment to being a wellness company when they discontinued the sale of tobacco products. This move merely underscores their long stated intention of becoming a go-to resource for consumers seeking health and wellness assistance. As grocery, convenience and beauty sectors become significantly more accessible through social media channels and shop-in-shop partnerships, this is no longer the money maker for drugs stores that it used to be. CVS has taken the reins of their future by making an even stronger investment in healthcare, which ultimately will give them the means to stay more connected and relevant to customers.
  • Posted on: 09/01/2022

    Peloton looks to get back in shape by selling on Amazon

    Since they have shifted from a product strategy to a content strategy, the more ways to get bikes and treadmills into consumer hands the better! Amazon could well be the partner Peloton needs, especially if they start to team up on content.
  • Posted on: 09/01/2022

    Will Bed Bath & Beyond’s new turnaround plan work any better than the previous one?

    I love their sentiment of getting back to basics, but the reality is the ship has already sailed into Amazon waters and I don't think this will save them. Their private label strategy wasn't effective because they didn't have a strong enough reputation established to make those products desirable. Target is a good example of a company who has done a far better job at creating trust and relevance around their private labels. I'd like to see Bed Bath & Beyond survive, and they still have a chance, but they'd be better served to focus on establishing strong partnerships with other brands and retailers that have a lot of value to consumers, but are difficult to access for viewing in person. Oprah may say Cozy Earth sheets are the softest, but I'd rather feel them out myself before buying. That's where Bed Bath & Beyond could thrive, especially with their capabilities to offer fulfillment in addition to showrooming.
  • Posted on: 08/24/2022

    Is the time right for table-side credit card tech to go mainstream in America?

    Like most technology, the main limitation is the inability or unwillingness to abandon existing tech systems to invest in something new. But having recently travelled through Europe, the benefits in speed, security and convenience far outweigh the friction of tipping. Many retailers in the U.S. have already begun equipping staff with tablets or handheld POS devices in stores, so customers are already pushing restaurants in this direction.
  • Posted on: 08/09/2022

    Should marketing have more control over pricing?

    A shared decision will have the most chance of success. Marketing, finance, supply chain, customer service and C-suite all hold a piece of puzzle and only together can they develop the right pricing for their customers.

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