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Ed Rosenbaum

CEO, The Customer Service Rainmaker, Rainmaker Solutions

“Practice, Drill, Rehearse, Then Do It Again!”

Meet Ed Rosenbaum, CBSE (Certified Building Services Executive) CEO and Master Trainer of Rainmaker Solutions …

Ed Rosenbaum, The Customer Service Rainmaker.

Ed Rosenbaum’s mantra is “You are my mission.” His passion is to deliver excellence in customer service as a mentor, a trainer, a team leader, a visionary, trusted advisor and a RAINMAKER for his clients; training executives, managers, supervisors and front line employees.

He is an expert at identifying management, customer service and sales issues and concerns within a company. His motivational techniques and personal training methods have been developed over a successful career spanning over 3 decades.

His dynamic and personal style of coaching is comfortable – as Ed likes to say, “You have to hit singles and doubles first then the homeruns will come with practice in smarter sales and income producing techniques.”

Ed is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Business Administration. He has done graduate work at Loyola College in Business Management and at East Carolina University in Human Resources Management. He has also taken extensive seminars in Integrity Selling, Customer Service, Managing and Achieving Goals and Selling Principles.

  • Posted on: 03/09/2021

    What will the post-pandemic growth slowdown do to grocers?

    In my opinion grocers will do better after the pandemic subsides than they were doing prior. We have become more comfortable with, and more accustomed to, eating more meals at home than we were before. We have saved money by eating in, even if we have had some meals delivered. I believe this trend will continue. I do think the restaurant industry will come back, but will level off after the initial surge of being 100 percent open.
  • Posted on: 02/09/2021

    Will retail pharmacies be the cure for America’s ‘vaccine deserts’?

    Pharmacies are the outlet of the future for follow up or annual shots. But there is no way I can see them being able to keep up with the traffic and needs until the initial shots are under control.
  • Posted on: 02/08/2021

    Who won this year’s Super Bowl ad contest?

    Like the half time performance, I thought the commercials were lacking and not up to what we have learned to expect. The program on either Thursday or Friday night previewing the new and old commercials was far more entertaining. As for the half-time show: after it started, I decided that was a good time to walk my dog.
  • Posted on: 01/13/2021

    What leadership lessons have retailers learned during the pandemic?

    It may be too simplified, but with working from home so prevalent, more employees are forced to make decisions they normally would ask their supervisor's advice on. This is allowing them to spread their wings, so to speak, and improve their skill set through self training. Will it work? Depends on management's willingness to continue improving the teams under them.
  • Posted on: 01/11/2021

    Retailers give customers refunds and tell them to keep items

    I see this more as a benefit than a risk in most cases. Of course, if someone wants to take advantage of a situation, they will. There is always someone wanting to get something for nothing, causing a loss for the retailer. On the other hand, there are companies like Chewey and Zappos, both who are committed to outstanding customer service. We bought something from Chewey that just did not work out. They quickly refunded our money and said to keep the item. We gave it to someone having a need. From that day on we always look at their website first to order what we might need for our dog. They have us as a committed customer because we believe in their service.
  • Posted on: 12/22/2020

    Winter cold kills last remaining option for many restaurants

    I live in Florida. Cold weather is only a problem a few weeks a year. But that does not solve the restaurant/food industry problem. I have not read the new relief bill (who has) but leaving this industry out is something I do not understand. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the popular local restaurants we always enjoyed visiting?
  • Posted on: 12/17/2020

    Commercials show the magic behind good deeds and Christmas surprises

    Both are excellent and send beautiful holiday messages. DocMorris tugged at my heart.
  • Posted on: 12/16/2020

    Should c-stores go healthy for the sake of kids?

    What they should do and what they will do are two different things. They make their money on people coming in the store and buying stuff they probably shouldn't.
  • Posted on: 12/16/2020

    Are retailers facing a no-win decision in mandating vaccines for workers?

    Personally I am planning to take the vaccine. But I do not think it is something that can be mandated. No matter what the topic these days; it seems to turn political which is wrong. The vaccine is here to help us stay alive to see our grandchildren grow into adulthood. I will say I will feel uncomfortable being around someone who refuses this vaccine because of its life-saving effect. My opinion only.
  • Posted on: 12/15/2020

    Starbucks sees even more stores in its future

    Starbucks became a destination place almost from the beginning. Now, more than ever, people are looking for reasons to be out of their homes, even if it is only to get a cup of coffee. Starbucks knows what they are doing.
  • Posted on: 10/23/2020

    Trader Joe’s and Wegmans satisfy, others falter, through the pandemic

    Trader Joe's and Costco are two examples I would also use to show how to do it the right way. I have been to both several times since the pandemic started. Both are doing an exceptional job keeping us feeling safe during the shopping experience.
  • Posted on: 10/23/2020

    Can Gap prosper without mall stores?

    Most retailers have taken stock of their store inventory over the past six or more months. They are deciding where to stay and where to go. Just like restaurants, we are going to see many closures. How will Gap's plan work out? My guess is they will continue to feel some pain before they reach their comfort point.
  • Posted on: 10/21/2020

    COVID-19 Essentials is a startup designed to end with the pandemic

    Let's hope this is a short lived opportunity. The thought of it lasting more than several months is bothersome.
  • Posted on: 10/21/2020

    Will Whole Foods draw more Prime shoppers with one-hour curbside pickup?

    We have friends who have become outside pickup shoppers. Most grocery chains/stores have outside pickup as part of their COVID-19 existence. It will continue after the pandemic subsides. But I have doubts about significantly more Prime shoppers taking advantage of it. It is a convenience now only because of the pandemic. As an example, retired seniors who are able to get out often use grocery shopping as their means of seeing other people and being in public. I do not see them giving this up as long as their health allows them to continue doing their own shopping.
  • Posted on: 10/19/2020

    Retailers need to prep for in-store COVID conflicts

    Well said Paula. This could get worse after the election depending on the outcome. The pay rate and job description does not include putting their life or body at risk; especially if the person is trying to become a Twitter fool.
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