Evan Snively

Director of Planning & Loyalty, Moosylvania

Evan Snively is the Director of Planning & Loyalty at Moosylvania, an integrated marketing agency specializing in building brand communities. Moose executes across 5 disciplines: branding, social, planning & buying, digital, and experiential. They have worked with brands such as Venmo, Disney, New Amsterdam Vodka, Barefoot, Sapporo, Cohiba, and Purina — with extensive work in the beverage industry.

In his role, Evan takes a science-based and data-driven approach when consulting on his client’s brands, in order to create frameworks that allow customers to grow into passionate, permanent brand advocates. Evan is also the co-founder of the apparel business Every True Son and active in the St. Louis start-up scene as a community judge for the Arch Grants program.

Personally, he is loyal to a number of brands, including Spotify, Patagonia, and any restaurant that serves a good sweet tea. He has a degree in Economics from Loyola Marymount University and currently lives in St. Louis, MO, with his wife, two sons, and Great Dane.

Learn more about Moose’s Millennial research here:

  • Posted on: 12/08/2022

    How far will Wawa follow its followers?

    My limited experience with Wawa on road trips has been as advertised. I think from a real estate perspective finding the right location that has a consumer demographic with high expectations for the retail experience, but whose current options are under-delivering, will be key. If Wawa doesn't get ahead of itself with expanding too rapidly (which it seems like they are keeping in check) and keeps its standards up, they will find success.
  • Posted on: 11/15/2022

    Will two digital-first concepts prove more successful than one for Panera Bread?

    Panera should be able to find success in this model, especially if they can get more momentum around their Sip Club. They also should consider overhauling their loyalty program to greater incentivize habitual behavior.
  • Posted on: 11/03/2022

    Have grocery self-checkouts been designed to disappoint?

    The answer to the second question is "be faster than staffed cashier lanes." While I realize that not every consumer is overly concerned about time, it is the core factor that most consumers weigh when walking to the front of the store and deciding whether to pursue self-checkout or a cashier-manned lane. If it's clear they are faster, a little friction will be accepted.
  • Posted on: 10/13/2022

    Is Victoria’s Secret’s inclusivity messaging resonating?

    Further steps = time. Decades of positioning won't be undone by a handful of campaigns (forced by the times), but rather a legacy of work pushing back against the deficit they helped promote.
  • Posted on: 09/30/2022

    Are younger generations less creeped out by online personalization?

    When something is novel it can evoke one of two reactions: uncertainty (creepy) or wonder (cool). With personalized, data-driven marketing tactics eventually both ends of the spectrum will meet in the middle. Younger generations will think of them as just everyday (or even get bored and bothered) and older generations will learn to accept them as just how things are done.
  • Posted on: 09/21/2022

    Do grocers need a new approach for selling plant-based protein alternatives?

    As long as they are growing pains and not slowing pains the merchandising strategy and category leaders will sort themselves out. I agree with the recommendation to place a handful of SKUs in the same place as the real meat so it becomes part of the consideration process, even if it is passed over. Exposure and exploration will help the category long-term.
  • Posted on: 09/20/2022

    Are biases still holding back marketing analytics?

    In my experience, confirmation bias is the most problematic from a "data insights" standpoint. Having a hypothesis (something to confirm) is an important part of what makes an analyst good, but being able to admit when that hypothesis is inaccurate and being able to articulate that story to a larger group is what makes an analyst great. People want data today as a CYA, I don't see that changing anytime soon. So when you are selling an idea to a human, appealing to their biases can be a necessary evil in order to get a green light for a project that needs a little above and beyond buy-in.
  • Posted on: 09/19/2022

    Is Kroger’s first-party data ideal for driving programmatic connected TV ads?

    My advice would be to continue to invest in channels with a proven ROI and watch the Kroger (and other) case studies with interest. There doesn't really seem to be a "first mover advantage" here so no issue jumping in down the road if the model works.
  • Posted on: 09/14/2022

    Will Temu have Shein-like success as it goes online in the U.S.?

    Awareness and securing a repeat customer base will be the early challenges. The American consumer is used to instant gratification, that will be a huge hurdle for Temu to combat.
  • Posted on: 09/08/2022

    Dove and Wendy’s battle ageism

    This fits squarely into Dove's brand voice and Wendy's quite honestly has earned the right to be opportunistic and get involved in pretty much any conversation. Dove's position obviously holds more authentic weight and not just any brand could jump straight into the conversation. As long as brands start entering these conversations consistently and in their own channels vs. really pushing for PR, the values alignment angle is a good strategy to fortify brand loyalty.
  • Posted on: 08/15/2022

    Is inflation the biggest back-to-school story?

    I agree that back-to-school is essential and I think though it might often seem like a little bit of a cash drain to splurge on new shoes, clothes, accessories, etc - there is certainly a long-term positive to creating an environment where kids are actually excited to be back in school and learning. In-person classes mean that the social/educational seesaw to school will be back in full motion and will be a primary driver of purchases.
  • Posted on: 08/01/2022

    Dynamic pricing may be ‘stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey’

    I have no problems with dynamic pricing for entertainment, when attendance is a choice. However I have lots of problems with dynamic (and especially unexpected) pricing when a customer has no alternate choice - which is more of a price gouging scenario. I don't think businesses owe an explanation to customers on dynamic pricing, and if they do it should probably be "someone was willing to pay for it."
  • Posted on: 07/21/2022

    Does Walgreens have the right response to defuse growing calls to boycott the chain?

    1. I don't understand the employee's logic of "passing someone off" to a manager. Their actions don't stop a transaction, it seems like the intention is to cast judgment - which is ludicrous to enable with a store policy.
    2. If you don't want to literally DO THE JOB then you should find alternate employment. Again it does roll back up to Walgreens' enablement.
  • Posted on: 07/15/2022

    Can the metaverse count on Gen-Z gamers?

    Gaming isn't just the path to building interest, it is the path to building - period. Most marketers won't have a need to actively participate in metaverse (a word that hilariously my spellcheck doesn't have in its vocab) until functionality increases and the audience using it has a larger disposable income.
  • Posted on: 07/05/2022

    McDonald’s puts hacks, merch drops, musical acts and food deals on its ‘camp’ menu

    The merch drops are the key. Day one is the best and will serve the purpose of creating some hype and driving NEW app downloads. Then on every Thursday after, I am sure those will be their most active days. The full month campaign wraps in enough value along the way that existing customers will experience FOMO if they don't have the app, and they will download it so they don't miss a freebie next time. All in all, a good way for McDonald's to keep the momentum of their loyalty program/app and data train flowing!

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