Harley Feldman

Co-Founder and CMO, Seeonic, Inc.
Harley Feldman is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Seeonic. He has more than 30 years of experience in information technology including database management, Internet applications, predictive analytics, process re-engineering and global solutions. Mr. Feldman spent more than 20 years at Ceridian Corporation; the last ten years in the defense group, in positions of increasing responsibility (including as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Vice President of two major operations providing technology and services to the intelligence community). In addition, he previously served as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer of two healthcare software companies. Mr. Feldman holds a BS degree in chemistry and computer science from Illinois Institute of Technology and a MBA degree in finance from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Mr. Feldman co-founded Seeonic, one of the first companies to build a complete IoT solution in the item level RFID space. Seeonic was granted a patent for its solution including RFID tag collection, hands-free operation, real-time alerting and analytics and built the largest commercial RFID network in the US. Mr. Feldman was the executive overseeing this development with attention to RFID readers, tags, serialization, the cellular connections required to deliver the data, and software for data collection, data cleansing, data storage, and analytics. Seeonic was also one of the founding members of the RFID Research Center at the University of Arkansas. Mr. Feldman attended annual University of Arkansas RFID conferences each year, where much of the early RFID directions and recommendations were made. Mr. Feldman also served on the GS1 Tag Serialization Committee until its successful completion. He is currently the Seeonic representative on the GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Industry Sponsors Group and spends his time growing the use of RFID in the retail, healthcare and industrial industries especially the management of vendor-managed and consigned inventory for brands. For more information, visit: <a href=""><strong></strong></a>
  • Posted on: 11/21/2022

    Are department store shoppers getting a late start on Christmas or taking a pass?

    Retailers should be worried about the late purchasing trend. Shoppers are stressed over inflation eating into their savings, prices on things they might buy going up, and the increased cost of a Thanksgiving meal. I noticed that secondhand stores seem to be busier than last year, a sign that shoppers are buying down. Advice on a markdown strategy: stay close to sales trends and start marking down early to avoid having high inventories after Christmas. If the retailer has an online presence, promotions to encourage sales can be pushed more quickly if sales do not materialize as expected.
  • Posted on: 10/12/2022

    Is TikTok on its way to becoming the next big thing in e-commerce?

    For TikTok, this is a move from communication to retail. Not only is retail a different kind of business, TikTok has no experience or reputation in retail. This challenge will not only be novel, but it will take a long time to earn a trusting spot in the retail market. My reading is that TikTok is so well known and used that the addition of retail will be straight forward and easy. This is not the case, and there are no guarantees for them. The recruiting will need to focus on talent that knows the retail market well. It will take some very credible stories in where they are going in their retail strategies, and it will take someone that is a leader in retail now and a large amount of compensation to begin the process.
  • Posted on: 10/11/2022

    Schnucks lets associates pick their own stores and shifts

    On-demand working might help Schnucks recruit and manage its workforce. However, what will suffer is workforce teamwork and consistency of the connection to the customers. There are jobs like stocking that this may work for, but any job supporting the customers will likely be degraded in terms of customer support. In the long run, the benefits of on-demand working will not offset the drawbacks.
  • Posted on: 10/10/2022

    Why is the turnover rate so high for technology leaders?

    There are many challenges for CIOs. More companies are discovering value from technology, but that typically entails new technology with challenges to the developers not previously faced. Finding technology people is getting harder due to the increasing demands in the job market and the limited supply of qualified people. Company expectations of results from the technology are increasing at a faster rate than the technology can deliver accurately. Finally the integration of technical data which is typically where the value is found is getting more complex and difficult to develop. Longer tenures are possible with financial rewards that offer major bonuses or rewards when the technology proves its value upon use by the company.
  • Posted on: 09/30/2022

    Lululemon subscription plan offers fitness where, when and how its customers want it

    Lululemon Studio will attract some portion of their customers. The real question is, how long will people stick with their commitment with Studio? This will depend on the seriousness customers will remain committed to the workouts. However, it is a very good idea to connect these customers to the lululemon brand for purchase of workout clothes and accessories that the retailer sells. The two largest benefits of the program are the steady flow of income on a subscription basis, and the continued communication of the brand to the Studio customers.
  • Posted on: 08/18/2022

    Is Target ready for what comes next?

    Target is spot on trying to right size inventory. The margin of the inventory on the shelf in the store is 0. The US has just been through a traumatic two years with the pandemic and buying habits are returning to more normal conditions. Target is also addressing the buying habit changes which occurred during the pandemic and is attempting to get ahead of the new trends. Target's major strength is its ability to know its store inventory, understand its customer trends and to adjust the inventory to meet the trends, like consumers going back to celebrating seasonal moments.
  • Posted on: 08/05/2022

    Will refurbished products deliver ‘good as new’ results for Walmart?

    Sales of refurbished products will grow as people want to buy new products at lower prices. Any consumer's trepidation with buying used products is reduced by the 90-day Walmart free return policy. Walmart is well positioned in this market as they are starting earlier than other retailers, have a wide selection of products to sell, and many of their customers are price conscious.
  • Posted on: 08/04/2022

    Is Walmart’s HQ reorg a good thing or cause for concern?

    Walmart is making small adjustments to its corporate staff in response to slowing revenue and forecasting of how their future business might change. It does not appear that Walmart is adjusting to a fundamental change in their business. Other retailers will be making similar adjustments as market conditions change. I anticipate revenue will be slowing as the full effects of the recession are felt which will cause additional staffing adjustments in the future.
  • Posted on: 07/21/2022

    Does Walgreens have the right response to defuse growing calls to boycott the chain?

    First lesson to learn as an associate - "The customer is always right." Also, business and politics should never be mixed. Walgreens needs to fix this problem quickly even if it means letting go of employees. This story will spread like wildfire to other Walgreens customers. Walgreens should not wait it out.
  • Posted on: 07/18/2022

    Is closing stores the best solution to Starbucks’ safety concerns?

    I believe Starbucks is trying to protect its employees. Crime in these cities has gone up with little relief in sight. The customers likely do not want to go to those Starbucks any more, either. Unionization may be having some impact on the decisions, but employee and customer safety is the primary driver of the Starbucks decisions. Another option is to hire more store security, which may help the employees but will likely be seen by customers as the store being in a problem area. Another approach is to increase online sales (hard to do with coffee) and have them delivered by drone.
  • Posted on: 07/11/2022

    Should Costco raise its food court prices?

    I heard the CEO say in an interview about three months ago, "The price of the hot dog and cola has been $1.50 for a very long time, it is $1.50 now, and it will always be $1.50."
  • Posted on: 06/29/2022

    Will a gas tax holiday drive retail in the right direction?

    A gas tax holiday will not do much for retail. It is a 90-day reduction of 4 percent in gas prices which for the average consumer which will result in a savings of $5 to $10, a very small savings that most consumers will not even notice. It is a government gimmick to attempt to make people feel better which will drive up the federal deficit even more. And after 90 days, it will be gone. The best way to drive prices down is to create more supply which this government does not want to do. Retailers will attempt to manage rising fuel costs through more efficient supply chain management, trying to pass the increase along to the consumer in extra fees or partnering with oil companies on special arrangements.
  • Posted on: 06/10/2022

    Could better technology have averted the supply chain crisis?

    The long term solution to the supply chain is the ability to track each product item through the supply chain much like Lululemon has done. By giving the manufacturer and retailer employees the tracking information at the product level, the lowest cost manufacturing and best service level to the consumer can be provided. To collect and provide this information, every item must be bar-coded or RFID-tagged. Bar codes require manual scanning while RFID can be scanned electronically or automatically. This data can then be used for better production, warehouse and transportation management. AI will evolve to make the intelligence from these systems even better. The U.S. supply chain systems have evolved from older manual counting methods. They now need to be better implemented with electronic digital systems to provide another level of productivity increase.
  • Posted on: 06/03/2022

    Circle K’s new self-checkouts are kicking barcode scanners to the curb

    The self checkout technology is a winner. It allows the customer to checkout more quickly without standing in line. The trick will be to ensure that the system can recognize 100% of the items the customer can purchase which it sounds like Couche-Tard has figured out. Not using bar codes means the customer does not have to figure out product orientation which can be the slowest part of the bar code process.
  • Posted on: 05/24/2022

    Robots and drones and Walmart’s supply chain, oh my

    Robotics will make each distribution center more efficient and fill the trucks with optimal products for the stores. Drones will provide more efficient and timely last-mile delivery. All of these changes will provide Walmart customers with more accurate and timely delivery of product which is what today's customers want and expect.

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