Harley Feldman

Co-Founder and CMO, Seeonic, Inc.
Harley Feldman is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Seeonic. He has more than 30 years of experience in information technology including database management, Internet applications, predictive analytics, process re-engineering and global solutions. Mr. Feldman spent more than 20 years at Ceridian Corporation; the last ten years in the defense group, in positions of increasing responsibility (including as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Vice President of two major operations providing technology and services to the intelligence community). In addition, he previously served as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer of two healthcare software companies. Mr. Feldman holds a BS degree in chemistry and computer science from Illinois Institute of Technology and a MBA degree in finance from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Mr. Feldman co-founded Seeonic, one of the first companies to build a complete IoT solution in the item level RFID space. Seeonic was granted a patent for its solution including RFID tag collection, hands-free operation, real-time alerting and analytics and built the largest commercial RFID network in the US. Mr. Feldman was the executive overseeing this development with attention to RFID readers, tags, serialization, the cellular connections required to deliver the data, and software for data collection, data cleansing, data storage, and analytics. Seeonic was also one of the founding members of the RFID Research Center at the University of Arkansas. Mr. Feldman attended annual University of Arkansas RFID conferences each year, where much of the early RFID directions and recommendations were made. Mr. Feldman also served on the GS1 Tag Serialization Committee until its successful completion. He is currently the Seeonic representative on the GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Industry Sponsors Group and spends his time growing the use of RFID in the retail, healthcare and industrial industries especially the management of vendor-managed and consigned inventory for brands. For more information, visit:
  • Posted on: 12/13/2019

    Is there any limit to how many stores Dollar General can open?

    There seems to be additional appetite for Dollar General's low cost stores. No matter where else the shopper shops, there always are some items at Dollar General that draw customers due to their low price. DG will not be over-storing for a long time as the Dollar General stores are small and can be placed in many existing locations. There is also a market for the low cost items they carry. DG can watch the sales in each store to recognize when the growth momentum slows.
  • Posted on: 12/12/2019

    Will IHOP fans flip out over its new fast-casual breakfast foods concept?

    Flip'd is a good idea. People are always looking for a quick breakfast regardless of time of day. If the execution at Flip'd is quick and the food tastes good, it should be successful. If Flip'd is successful, it will provide a smaller margin than the full service restaurants and probably never as much as the full service restaurants.
  • Posted on: 12/10/2019

    Did Aviation Gin just make lemonade from Peloton’s lemons?

    People criticizing the Peloton commercial have too much time on their hands. The commercial is well done and the controversy should never have occurred. Aviation Gin is taking advantage of the controversy to their credit.
  • Posted on: 12/09/2019

    Canada Goose brings snow but no inventory to new concept store

    Many customers like the idea of experiential shopping, especially for Canada Goose where temperature has a lot to do with selecting the right outerwear. The shoppers that go through the Canada Goose experience are probably more committed than usual to buying the products they select. Having said that, creating the experience cannot be cheap, and the shopper must come to the location for the experience. These are two of the problems with experiential selling, the third being the shopper has to wait for delivery of their purchase by mail or delivery service.
  • Posted on: 12/03/2019

    The RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: Kohl’s vs. Macy’s

    For brand image, clearly the Macy's ad depicts a wonderful story that tears at the heartstrings and the spirit of Christmas. The Kohl's ad is targeted at shoppers providing the idea that Kohl's can solve most gift giving challenges. Viewers will like the Macy's ad better, but its ability to cause shoppers to come to a Macy's store is suspect.
  • Posted on: 11/26/2019

    Will IoT reinvent the supply chain?

    IoT can provide very good data along the supply chain to help suppliers and retailers know much better the actual location and inventory of items headed to stores. However, the most important data point is the demand and inventory on shelves in each store. The POS system inaccuracies do not provide accurate inventory data as has been well documented. Sensing on-shelf inventories automatically using IoT is technically very difficult so technologists have focused on tracking items in the supply chain. The Holy Grail for supply chain improvements using IoT technology will occur when on-shelf inventory can be collected automatically and efficiently.
  • Posted on: 11/15/2019

    Walmart has a too much grocery problem

    Great customer service. As the grocery business provides great service, Walmart customers will be willing to expand their grocery orders to other categories. In a recent survey, Walmart's online service scored above Amazon's in customer satisfaction for the first time so their efforts must be working to some extent. It is likely that Walmart will continue to improve its mix of sales beyond groceries due to the major efforts they are putting into that strategy and the satisfaction consumers are receiving. Also, Walmart has many more store locations than Amazon, allowing it to offer Buy Online Pick Up in Store in 10 times as many locations as Amazon.
  • Posted on: 11/14/2019

    Are mixed reality apps set to skyrocket?

    AR can be a useful technology for the user to see themselves in an alternate environment. Intense users of AR will use headgear in the form of glasses or headsets. However, most users will not and want the AR application to run on their smartphone. The strong growth of the technology will come from smartphone applications. Retailers would be wise to utilize AR technology so their customers can see themselves in environments typical of the use of the products they are selling.
  • Posted on: 11/12/2019

    What’s in store for retail in 2020?

    IT and AI will be even more important to retailers and they want to offer better service to their consumers. Data will be a key asset in the decision process. Eco-warriors will be a demand issue that will grow into the future. The blurring of lines allowing direct sales will cause the biggest challenge to retailers. They will have to offer services unavailable from the items' producers to maintain their customer base.
  • Posted on: 11/05/2019

    Is Amazon starting to fall out of favor with American consumers?

    Amazon's growth might be moderating. The company and its programs are reaching a market maturity level and incremental growth is getting more difficult. Also, Walmart offers Buy Online Pickup in Store in over 4,000 stores whereas, Amazon has only about 400 Whole Foods stores to do the same thing. Any resistance to Amazon is coming from the cost and delay associated with home delivery.
  • Posted on: 10/31/2019

    McDonald’s drive-thru AI knows what you want before you order

    Anything that provides convenience and service is likely to be accepted by most consumers. Giving up the license plate number with the consumer's permission will be a small security concern to most consumers.
  • Posted on: 10/30/2019

    Will free deliveries for Prime members make Amazon the driving force in online grocery?

    Some additional Prime members will start using the free food delivery. However, food delivery will not address the requirement of many shoppers who want to view the food before it is purchased, especially in meats and produce. This service will be used by some new shoppers but will not be used by the majority of customers. It makes more sense for Walmart to offer this service from its over 4,000 stores than Whole Foods in its much smaller footprint with its much higher price points.
  • Posted on: 10/15/2019

    Will customers give Walmart the keys to their homes?

    I agree with your approach.
  • Posted on: 10/15/2019

    Will customers give Walmart the keys to their homes?

    Walmart will learn whether there is an interest in grocery delivery of items that need to be refrigerated or frozen, whether consumers will support the charges associated with the program, and whether Walmart can make a profit on this idea. Over time, with item delivery becoming part of consumers' expectations, more Americans will sign up for this service.
  • Posted on: 10/14/2019

    Is BOPIS a good fit for Dollar General?

    BOPIS is well liked and used much by consumers and is becoming expected. Dollar General is beginning to meet the expectations. It will likely increase sales as shoppers already in the store for BOPIS pickup. While the item selection at Dollar General is less complex, it will still offer the service consumers demand and expect.

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