Kai Clarke

CEO, President- American Retail Consultants

MBA, Globally-based, technical President, CMO, COO, and Amazon expert, successful at leading start-ups, small companies and troubled international business turnarounds, while securing funding sources, building top-producing global sales and marketing teams and creating new products and financial solutions, for international companies with limited resources.

Results-oriented, revenue and profit driven, C-level, global MBA, with a strong financial, logistics, consumer products and change management background. Proven road-warrior skilled in creating and managing new global divisions with a $200 million profit and loss responsibility, including cradle -to-grave manufacturing, international sourcing, forecasting, logistics, CRM expert, category management and retail channel expertise.

MBA with a strong technical aptitude including expertise in consumer/retail product (CPG), Amazon expert and eCommerce operations, architectural lighting, logistics, OEM/ODM , retail sales, marketing and retail channel development. Practiced leader in strategic direction, P&L, management, new business development, growing sales and global sourcing

  • Leading successful restructuring of small company, start-ups and business turn-arounds from $5 million to $200 million
  • Grew top line revenues through rapid new product creation, global OEM/ODM manufacturing, marketing, branding, trade advertising and line extensions
  • Developed global teams to achieve rapid revenue and profit growth in Europe and Asia exceeding 50% operating income maximization
  • Amazon expert with digital and traditional brand equity development and new market penetration in over 37 countries
  • $200 MM+ P&L management.
  • Negotiated Contract and strategic alliances throughout our operations and supply chains saving over 18% annually
  • Repositioned global logistics, operations and strategic account management, to grow business in Asia (40%) and Europe (50%)
  • Extensive travel in Europe and Asia for over 20 years, including living in China over the last 7 years and Europe.
  • Posted on: 01/28/2023

    Tractor Supply is just getting started with its market share grab

    This is a classic American success story. Build where there are few competitors and leverage your strengths to build a stronger market position as you reinforce your positioning in each market and at retail as a whole.
  • Posted on: 01/25/2023

    Amazon looks to undercut rivals with monthly Rx prescription plan

    Yes! The RX market is rapidly growing and adding an online prescription plan along with Amazon's prime opportunities will only increase its appeal to current and potential clients. Amazon still needs to be more aggressive with the scope of products it is offering in order to continue to compete in the future.
  • Posted on: 01/23/2023

    Will reducing organic fraud help justify higher prices?

    Organic fraud is not the reason for organic's higher prices. It is premium product perception and positioning. Go to any Lidl or Aldi and you will see that this model has been shattered since most of their stores are organic, non-gmo, pesticide free food that is the majority of their products throughout their stores ... and it is priced at the same or below other more traditional products.
  • Posted on: 01/17/2023

    Is culture the key to Target’s success?

    Yes, culture is key to defining success at retail, and at empowering success at a diverse level. Success is more than product, price and promotion, but also creating a core set of employee values which keeps the customer returning time and again for repeat sales, while enjoying a positive environment that both customers and employees thrive on.
  • Posted on: 12/30/2022

    The winner of the 2022 RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge is…

    Publix has done another incredible job at gently crafting a winning holiday ad while still selling their brand in their ad. Publix is at the top of this heap because of the way that they gently craft this ad while still capturing the viewer's interest and bringing them into the commercial's message.
  • Posted on: 12/29/2022

    If DTC is broken, is CTC the fix?

    CTC is just another shotgun marketing version of DTC. It is not just how one markets the message (and the product) to the consumer as much as what is marketed to the consumer (price, product, channel). Differentiated product marketing is still key to targeting a product message, no matter what it is called.
  • Posted on: 12/28/2022

    McD’s gets decidedly mixed reactions to its robot servers

    People who order from McD's and other QSR restaurants want high quality food, at a reasonable price, quickly. This solution checks each of these boxes while also allowing for better focus on producing their orders. Win, win, win -- what is there not to like about this solution?
  • Posted on: 12/27/2022

    Did holiday promotions drive gains or only pain?

    This is a sales number trap. We need to understand that we won't have any true idea of what sales were until the end of next month -- not a few days after Christmas. Also, holiday travel and many shopping days were offset by the massive storm which is still gripping the nation in its claws. Again, patience is necessary and given another 30 days, we will then be able to determine the sales promotion's success.
  • Posted on: 12/15/2022

    Will Christmas 2022 be the terminal squish of retail’s mushy middle?

    No, this holiday season will not be the terminal squish of retail's mushy middle, but instead will represent similar sales and markdowns as previous years. Proper inventory management has always represented a difficult to manage portion of success at retail. This article's limited examples do not indicate the full, broad, exposure of retail sales. Cars, both new and used, are still in short supply and are selling for premiums, often above MSRP. The same can be said for the DIY/hardware industry where sales are strong and inventory difficult to keep balanced. The retail grocers are seeing continual OOSs because of larger than expected demand and difficult to maintain inventory. Add to this a record number of people who are employed (more than at any other time in history), which points to a continual growth in our GDP and we have retail demand that is fed by higher than standard cash flow with limited places to go except to spend, spend, spend....
  • Posted on: 12/02/2022

    Retailers find inflation is often about location, location, location

    Price, price, and price are the best tools that retailers have, followed by location. The QSR community thrives on location leading their retail sales, but the majority of retailers (and all online retail sales) depend on product price differentiation to control their gross sales and manage (or not manage) inflationary pressures using this.
  • Posted on: 11/29/2022

    Will Shoppable Shorts become a viral sensation for YouTube?

    The concept of shoppable shorts is one thing, yet it does not guarantee that there will be a successful shopping experience that can compete with the likes of Amazon or Walmart online.
  • Posted on: 11/28/2022

    Is being the low price leader critical to Amazon’s ongoing success?

    Yes, low prices are the key, but we cannot forget that low prices include free freight, free returns, and an easy access and return policy in many locations. This is what makes purchasing products from Amazon superior to others.
  • Posted on: 11/04/2022

    Will dynamic pricing work for restaurants?

    No, No, No. Dynamic pricing is just a way to confuse the customer and lose business. If you go to a restaurant for their lunch special at a certain price, changing the pricing will only lose customers and allegiance to that restaurant. Going to that restaurant for that product at the special price is the reason why customers frequent the restaurant at lunch. Just ask anyone in the pizza business. Instead of dynamic pricing, offer specials at different times each day. Managing this is easier for the customer and the restaurant as expectations shift for each special.
  • Posted on: 11/03/2022

    DSW is adding shoe repair services throughout its stores

    Smart, eco-friendly, and great marketing. Adding shoe repair to all DSW stores gets more consumers into the store, gets them to return later to pick up their repaired shoes, and allows DSW to market their products directly to the consumer each time while offering a great service to that customer. This can only be a good thing for DSW!
  • Posted on: 11/03/2022

    Have grocery self-checkouts been designed to disappoint?

    Self-checkouts generally disappoint because people don't like to wait. It is the same in a staffed checkout, except that most stores limit the number of items that a person can have when using a self-checkout. Consumers then assume that the line will move faster. Often this is not the case and consumers get frustrated.

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