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Victoria’s Secret CEO, Martin Waters, has been steering the women’s lingerie company through turbulent waters. This blog post delves into the various struggles and changes that have marked his tenure so far.

Martin Waters, CEO of Victoria’s Secret & Co.

Victoria's Secret CEO
Image Source: Victoria’s Secret

Leading one of the world’s most recognized brands is Martin Waters, the Chief Executive Officer of Victoria’s Secret & Co. Known for his strategic leadership and commitment to creating a positive corporate culture, Mr. Waters has played an instrumental role in driving growth and success at VS&Co.

Prior to assuming the Victoria’s Secret CEO role, Mr. Waters had numerous opportunities to shape VS&Co’s trajectory and destiny through a variety of executive positions.

His extensive experience in retail management spans various facets, including strategy development, financial performance optimization, brand management, and fostering healthy work environments.

But Mr. Waters’ tenure at VS&Co. isn’t just about business achievements; it also reflects his dedication to community service. As a Governor on the National Board of Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), where he once served as Chairman for the Midwest Region, his contributions extend beyond boardrooms into communities where they make significant impacts.

The lingerie giant has made a bold move by appointing Martin Waters as the new Victoria’s Secret CEO.  Waters’ strategic planning and execution are critical in driving the change that Victoria’s Secret needs to reposition itself in the market and regain its lost glory.

Aside from his role, another point of interest is Waters’ compensation package. Waters’ remuneration package for the year was a hefty $3.1 million. Not too shabby, huh?

Victoria’s Secret appoints Martin Waters as new CEO, leading the brand’s transformation with promising results in a 5-year turnaround plan.

Victoria’s Secret CEO Educational Background

Before becoming a retail superstar, Martin Waters laid a solid foundation for his future at Manchester University. This esteemed institution in the UK provided him with a comprehensive education that proved invaluable in his later professional life.

Bachelor of Arts in Retail Marketing

Mr. Waters pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Retail Marketing, which offered a deep dive into the intricacies of marketing within the retail sector.

The program covered everything from consumer behavior analysis to strategic planning, equipping students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to excel in their careers.

The rigorous curriculum combined with Manchester University’s commitment to academic excellence allowed Mr. Waters to develop not only technical expertise but also critical thinking abilities and leadership qualities – attributes that have been instrumental throughout his journey as one of today’s leading figures in global retail.

Exposure to Diverse Cultures and Perspectives

Beyond academics, studying at Manchester University gave Mr. Waters exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives – something that undoubtedly shaped his ability to lead international expansion efforts for brands like Victoria’s Secret & Co., PINK, Bath & Body Works across 80 countries worldwide.

Victoria’s Secret CEO Community Commitment

Besides his impressive accomplishments in retail, Martin Waters has always shown a strong commitment to community service. His philanthropic efforts are as noteworthy as his professional achievements.

Active Member of Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s National Board

Mr. Waters is an active member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s (BGCA) National Board. The BGCA is a non-profit which works to deliver after-school activities for kids all over the US.

By serving on their board, Mr. Waters contributes to shaping policies and strategies that directly impact millions of children and teenagers nationwide.

Chairman for the Midwest Region of BGCA

In addition to his national role, Mr. Waters also served as Chairman for the Midwest region of BGCA, where he led initiatives aimed at improving lives within local communities. This position allowed him to make significant contributions at both regional and grassroots levels.

The dedication demonstrated by Mr. Waters towards community service reflects not only his personal values but also those instilled in Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s corporate culture – making a positive difference in society while achieving business success.

The Struggles and Changes at Victoria’s Secret

The Victoria’s Secret CEO Mark Waters has been grappling with a series of challenges that have significantly impacted its performance. One major setback was the resignation of CEO Amy Hauk, who stepped down after just eight months in her role. This leadership change added to the instability within the company.

In addition, there was an alarming 8.5% drop in North American sales for Q3. To boost earnings and regain market share, Victoria’s Secret made strategic moves such as acquiring popular lingerie brand Adore Me. It remains uncertain how successful these measures will be in overcoming their difficulties.

Changing Beauty Standards

Victoria’s Secret has been criticized for its lack of inclusivity and failure to adapt to changing beauty standards. The brand’s focus on a restrictive idea of beauty has alienated numerous shoppers, causing sales to drop.

Competition from New Brands

New lingerie brands such as ThirdLove and Savage X Fenty have emerged, offering a wider range of sizes and styles that cater to diverse body types. These brands have gained popularity among consumers who are looking for more inclusive and body-positive options.

Shift in Consumer Preferences

Consumers are increasingly prioritizing comfort and functionality over sex appeal when it comes to lingerie. Victoria’s Secret’s focus on push-up bras and thongs may no longer be resonating with consumers who are looking for more practical options.

Victoria’s Secret is facing a challenging time as it tries to adapt to changing consumer preferences and beauty standards. While the brand has made some strategic moves to regain market share, it remains to be seen whether these efforts will be enough to turn things around.

Victoria’s Secret struggles with leadership changes, declining sales, and criticism for lack of inclusivity. Can they adapt to changing consumer preferences?

Victoria’s Secret’s Rebranding Efforts towards Inclusivity

Victoria’s Secret CEO is making strides towards inclusivity and body positivity by offering plus-size additions to their catalogs. This move signals an important shift in their marketing strategy.

Introduction of Plus-Size Additions into Catalogs

The introduction of these new sizes is a clear attempt by the company to cater to a wider audience base. However, despite these changes, some critics argue that the brand still maintains its overly sexy look which may not resonate with all consumers.

Victoria’s Secret CEO Moves Ahead with Expansion Plans Amidst Challenges

Victoria's Secret CEO
Image Source: Victoria’s Secret

Despite ongoing struggles, Victoria’s Secret CEO is not backing down. Instead, they’re pushing forward with ambitious expansion plans. A key part of this strategy involves opening 15 new off-mall stores throughout the year.

15 New Off-Mall Stores to Reflect Shift in Consumer Shopping Habits

The decision to move away from traditional mall locations reflects a shift in consumer shopping habits and a desire to reach customers where they are now spending their time. CNBC has reported that the stores will be more diminutive, and will concentrate on core products such as lingerie and cosmetics.

Victoria’s Secret Launches Tween Line in April

In addition, Victoria’s Secret is expanding its audience base by launching a tween line in April. This strategic move aims to capture younger consumers early on and foster brand loyalty as they grow older. Business Insider notes that the new line, called PINK, will feature loungewear, sleepwear, and underwear for girls aged 14 and under.

Victoria’s Secret CEO pushes forward with expansion plans, opening 15 new off-mall stores and launching a tween line in April to capture younger consumers.

Portfolio Diversification Strategy

Victoria’s Secret has broadened its range of offerings in order to attract a larger clientele, such as through the acquisition of lingerie retailer Adore Me , teaming up with size-inclusive brand Elomi , and investing in Frankies Bikinis. This includes newer brands like Frankies Bikinis, a partnership with size-inclusive brand Elomi, and the acquisition of lingerie retailer Adore Me.

Investment in Frankies Bikinis, Partnership with Elomi, and Acquisition Strategy

The investment in Frankies Bikinis brings a fresh perspective on swimwear fashion to their catalog. The partnership with Elomi reinforces their commitment to inclusivity by offering plus-size options. Lastly, acquiring Adore Me expands their market reach further into the online retail space, strengthening their position amidst competition.


Victoria’s Secret has undergone significant changes in recent years, with new CEO Martin Waters leading the way towards growth and success.

The company’s efforts towards inclusivity, such as adding plus-size options to their catalogues, are a step in the right direction, but criticisms over an overly sexy image remain.

Expansion plans include opening 15 new off-mall stores this year and launching a tween line in April, while investments in Frankies Bikinis and partnerships with Elomi show promising potential for future earnings.

It’s safe to speculate that Victoria’s Secret CEO needs to be up-to-date with current retail trends while establishing their strategies with the future of retail in mind, in order to ascertain their continued success.

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