Best Selling Writer Goes to the Supermarket

May 15, 2003

By George Anderson

The Post-Standard reports Mary Higgins Clark, author of numerous best selling suspense novels, will be at a Wegmans store in Syracuse this weekend for a book signing.

Ms. Clark explained why she agreed to do a book signing in a supermarket. “They (Wegmans) have a marvelous book department. It’s as professional as any only-book store, anywhere.”

This is not the first time Ms. Clark has gone to Wegmans for a book signing. She has previously visited stores in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Moderator’s Comment: What lessons can other retailers
take from the Mary Higgins Clark book signing at Wegmans?

The first response of many may be that Wegmans can do
this but most other supermarkets could not.

Most other supermarkets would not even try, just as they
wouldn’t attempt to bring in a celebrity chef for an on-site appearance. The
idea of creating an environment that people want to go to is as foreign to some
grocers as it is to the shoppers who visit their stores.

The reason Wegmans succeeds in book sales where others
in the industry do not can be summarized in a single word – commitment.

Danny and company, have made a commitment to grow the
category and the manufacturer (in this case publisher and author) is working
cooperatively with the chain to help it achieve their shared objectives. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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