Honey, Kraft Won’t Shrink The Portions

Jun 03, 2004

By George Anderson

A report in the Chicago Tribune says Kraft Foods has decided to be clearer with its nutritional labeling information rather than shrinking the size of package portions
as it had previously said it would do.

The food manufacturer had initially planned to reduce portion sizes in answer to the call for companies to more actively engage in addressing the nation’s obesity epidemic. At
the time it said it would also stop its in-school marketing activities.

The decision to not follow the previously announced course was because consumers, it seems, were not clamoring for smaller portions.

Kraft spokesperson Nancy Daigler said, “I think it was more a matter that they [consumers] wanted the choice of different serving sizes.”

Instead of downsizing packages, Kraft plans to reassess its serving sizes and indicate total package calories, fat, sugars, etc., in addition to single-serving numbers.

Moderator’s Comment: Will Kraft’s reversal on its portion size pledge negatively impact the company’s image and/or
product sales? Does the government need to impose stricter labeling standards?

Reasonable people will have no problem with this. Of course, particularly during an election year, there are so few reasonable people to be found in Washington,

George Anderson – Moderator

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