Leaders Need To Call IT Shots

Jan 13, 2003

By George Anderson

An article in The McKinsey Quarterly, Who’s Accountable for IT?, says the role of information technology (IT) is changing and, as such, business leaders need to reevaluate how the function is managed within their companies.

The article’s authors (Dan Lohmeyer, Sofya Pogreb, Scott Robinson) argue that to derive the full benefits of IT capabilities, companies need to “alter their business processes and understand how IT can be used to foster improvements and competitive advantage.”

Company leaders, the article says, “should not only set the corporate IT agenda but also manage the performance of IT—and their compensation should reflect their ability to do so.”

Moderator’s Comment: Two Questions:

  1. What is the role of IT within retail businesses?

  2. Should, as The McKinsey Quarterly article suggests,
    business leaders be evaluated and compensated based on their ability to manage
    their company’s IT performance?
    Anderson – Moderator

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