McD’s Asks, What Did He Expect?

Jun 16, 2004

By George Anderson

The chief executive for McDonald’s Australian business wants everyone to know that Morgan Spurlock’s documentary, Super Size Me, was about gluttony, not the chain’s menu

Guy Russo, McD’s chief in Australia said loading up on Big Macs, large fries and soft drinks for a month couldn’t have had anything but a negative outcome for the film maker.
Mr. Spurlock put on 25 pounds and got sick eating nothing but McDonald’s food for a month.

Mr. Russo eats at McDonald’s about three times a week, according to an Associated Press report.

His message to McD consumers is one of moderation. “I’m of Italian descent,” he said, “and I couldn’t eat spaghetti Bolognese every day.”

Moderator’s Comment: What do you think about Guy Russo’s response to Super Size Me?

Mr. Russo will get an executive of the year vote from us. He’s brought perspective to an absurd debate.
George Anderson – Moderator

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