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Jul 07, 2004

By George Anderson

The upcoming party conventions in New York and Boston, as well as yesterday’s announcement that John Kerry has selected Sen. John Edwards (D – NC) to be his running mate on the Democratic ticket, has some beginning to focus more seriously on the upcoming Presidential election.

An editorial by David Merrefield on the Supermarket News Web site deals with this issue and provides a glimpse into how grocery industry retailers are likely to vote in November.

Based on the sentiments expressed, it would appear the Bush/Cheney ticket will win the election among grocery industry executives.

“I would support George W. Bush. He’s much more pro-business and he understands our concerns. I had a chance to see [Labor] Secretary [Elaine] Chao recently in Washington. To listen to a labor secretary talk about labor and [the Occupational Safety and Health Administration] partnering with business to make safer workplaces was a real breath of fresh air.”

“I will be supporting President Bush for reelection because I think we need to stay the course. It will take time to put various security mechanisms in place that will enable us to be comfortable in travel and have confidence in the food supply.”

Moderator’s Comment: Does whoever is in the White House have a substantive impact on the grocery and retailing industries?
Why? Also, is what’s best for the industry (who is elected) also what’s best for the country?

We loved this quote for obvious reasons, considering the problems with the last election tally. “I will support President Bush because he has a far better
grasp of the problems we face. [I am based in California, but] I have a residence in Florida, so I will help Bush by voting there.”

George Anderson – Moderator

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