Salmon Suits Have Industry Swimming Upstream

Jan 23, 2004

By George Anderson

Two environmental groups, The Environmental Working Group and the Center for Environmental Health, are filing suit under California’s anti-toxics law against salmon farms, processors,
and retailers charging them with selling unsafe products to consumers.

“Our goal is to challenge them to change their practices so their fish is safe to eat,” Michael Green, executive director for the Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health
told the Associated Press.

The suit follows the issuing of a scientific report, which claimed farm-raised salmon were contaminated because of PCBs, polychlorinated biphenyls, in the fish’s feed. The study
urged consumers to buy wild salmon instead.

The salmon farming industry takes exception to the findings of the study. Alex Trent, executive director of the trade group Salmon of the Americas, said farm-raised salmon was
healthy, contains essential fatty acids, and that it costs less and was available year-round.

Moderator’s Comment: What should salmon farmers, processors and retailers do in this case?

Farmers should change their feed. One retailer we’re aware of, Trader Joe’s, has made a point of letting consumers know that much of its fish, not just
salmon, are caught in the wild and flash-frozen for freshness on the ship.

Anderson – Moderator

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