Thieves Cashing Out Gift Cards

Jun 11, 2004

By George Anderson

Who needs to steal your identity when they can steal your gift cards?

A report from KOMO 4 News in Seattle says a new form of theft has been discovered where people go to checkout in stores only to find they have no balance left when they try to pay for their purchase with a gift card.

In one case, Tami Kegley bought a $150 gift card at a Wal-Mart in Washington and put it on her credit card. Three hours later, the gift card was cashed out at a store in California.

“He (the Wal-Mart employee) wasn’t sure how it was being done, but he told me it had happened several times through that same store in California,” said Ms. Kegley.

Wal-Mart does not want to make information public on the severity of the gift card scam with a company spokesperson saying the chain “is working with law enforcement at the highest levels possible to rectify the problem and catch the people responsible.”

Moderator’s Comment: What are your thoughts on the gift card theft report out of Seattle?

We have to plead ignorance on this one but we admit to sharing Tami Kegley’s alarm. “You think it’s safe to give someone a gift card!”
George Anderson – Moderator

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