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Janet Dorenkott



Janet has been a contributing author in Shopper Technology Institute. She has developed & conducted many business intelligence training programs for companies and organizations. She has also had published success stories in DM Review, B-eye Network, Consumer Good’s Technology News and others. RSI was named one of the “Top Most Promising Big Data Companies” and “Top Most Promising SAP Partners” by CIO Review. They were one of Consumer Goods Technologies Award winners for 10 years. They were named one of the top Data Integration & Business Intelligence Consulting Companies by the Cleveland Award Program and they were one of the finalists in the NEOSA Top Technologies Award. Today, Janet’s digital marketing and SEO company is helping businesses of all types, create market awareness, develop content, optimize their Google authority and grow their businesses. She is a certified partner of Hubspot and uses Wordpress, Yost, Magento, Marketo, Octopus and social media platforms to accomplish the customers goals.