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A Flame-Grilled ‘State’ of Mind: Americans Unite on Their Love for the Whopper®


Burger King has revealed each state’s preferences when it comes to its signature Whopper sandwich just in time for National Hamburger Day.

The results show that Americans love customizing their burgers, with over 200,000 unique ways to personalize the Whopper. New Mexico takes the crown as “The Champ,” ordering the most Whopper sandwiches in 2022. Other notable findings include North Carolina as the top state for Double Whopper orders, Montana for Triple Whopper orders, and Hawaii for Impossible Whopper orders. Maryland holds the record for the most Whopper sandwiches sold in a single day, while Ohio takes the title for the biggest appetite, with one guest ordering over 700 Whopper sandwiches in a single visit.

The report also reveals interesting customization trends, such as Mississippians being extra with their condiments, Rhode Islanders adding bacon to their Impossible Whoppers, and West Virginians being the cheesiest with their additions.

The data showcases each state’s unique preferences, highlighting the diverse ways Americans enjoy their Whopper sandwiches.