Airship, a mobile app experience company, has unveiled a new global report called “The Mobile Consumer 2023” at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The report, based on a survey of over 11,000 consumers across ten countries, aims to provide brands with insights into evolving consumer preferences, behaviors, and expectations in order to drive value creation. The findings indicate that global consumers are increasingly willing to share various types of information with brands in exchange for personalized interactions and special incentives. Email addresses are the most commonly shared information at 86%, followed by interests relevant to a brand at 78%. The top five types of information consumers are willing to share include their communication preferences and their browsing activities on a brand’s app or website. Notably, consumers are increasingly willing to share their socially valued information such as environmental, moral, political, or religious views. The report also reveals that although email addresses are widely shared, 79% of consumers ignore or delete marketing emails from their favorite brands at least half the time. Younger generations, especially Gen Z, are less likely to use traditional methods to avoid commercial emails and instead rely on techniques like not frequently checking their email or using anonymous or fake email addresses. When it comes to personalization, consumers find recommendations and offers based on past behavior or purchases to be the most useful, followed by interests and preferences supplied to the brand and content and offers targeted to their current location. The report emphasizes the importance of giving customers control over the types and frequency of app-based messages they receive. It highlights the need for brands to prioritize transparency, customer control, and personalized experiences to meet evolving customer expectations and navigate growing data privacy regulations. The full report provides additional insights into various topics, including consumer app usage, app-based messaging preferences, and the adoption of new mobile experiences. The survey was conducted in partnership with Sapio Research across the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil.