Claire’s, the global fashion brand known for its piercing service, is unveiling a new image and attitude for its industry-leading business with the launch of “Pierced by Claire’s.” With over 40 years of experience and millions of ears pierced, Claire’s aims to reimagine its piercing service for a new age and inspire self-expression in Generation Zalpha.

The new visual identity features a modern logo, vibrant branding, and a playful conversational voice, creating an updated experience in stores and across digital channels worldwide. The brand is introducing “Pierce,” a digital character who represents the joy of getting pierced and will assist consumers throughout their piercing and online shopping journeys. Additionally, Claire’s is offering a valuable “Free earrings for a year” promotion, where customers who get pierced in-store can earn a free pair of earrings every month for a year.

The brand’s new initiatives also include the “EarPrint” campaign, inviting Gen Zalpha to showcase their unique ear designs and embrace their individuality. The launch of “Pierced by Claire’s” coincides with the back-to-school season, providing an opportunity for young customers to express their personal style and add to their ear designs. To learn more or schedule a piercing appointment, visit and join the conversation on social media using #PiercedbyClaires and #EarPrint.