Plant-Powered Dog

As National Dog Day approaches on August 26, Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, a renowned vegan canine nutritionist and the founder of Plant-Powered Dog, advocates a dietary shift for dogs toward plant-based nutrition. Laverdure-Dunetz, a leading expert in her field, recommends replacing or supplementing traditional animal-based ingredients in dogs’ diets with safe and nutritious plant-based alternatives. This move is aligned with the growing trend of embracing plant-powered lifestyles for better health and well-being, extending the philosophy to our furry companions.

Laverdure-Dunetz, author of the book “The Plant-Powered Dog: Unleash the healing powers of a whole-food plant-based diet to help your canine companion enjoy a healthier, longer life,” highlights the rising concern over chronic inflammatory illnesses in dogs, including cancer, diabetes, and food intolerances. She suggests a potential connection between these health issues and the prevalence of high meat diets in recent decades, emphasizing the potential hazards of bioaccumulated toxins present in animal ingredients.

Challenging the notion that dogs are solely carnivores, Laverdure-Dunetz points out that modern companion dogs have evolved alongside humans as nutritional omnivores. Drawing parallels between the human flexitarian diet and dogs’ dietary needs, she encourages pet owners to adopt a flexible approach by integrating natural plant-based ingredients and superfoods into their pets’ meals. This approach not only benefits dogs’ health but also contributes to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Laverdure-Dunetz underscores the enduring significance of the plant-powered movement for dogs, labeling it as “modern nutrition for modern dogs.” As National Dog Day approaches, her message resonates, promoting a holistic and compassionate approach to pet care.