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Fresh Del Monte and Sustainable Food Maker Vertage Partner to Expand Distribution of Healthy Foods


Fresh Del Monte, a leading producer and distributor of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, has announced a strategic partnership with Vertage, a chef-founded company that produces plant-based, dairy-free cheeses. The partnership aims to expand the availability of healthy and sustainable food options to consumers.

Fresh Del Monte will provide Vertage with access to its production facilities, technology, and logistics network, including transportation through its inland logistics company. In return, Vertage will have the opportunity to expand into new markets by utilizing Fresh Del Monte’s ships, ports, and temperature-controlled warehouses. The partnership aligns with Fresh Del Monte’s commitment to sustainability and healthy living while allowing Vertage to reach a wider audience with their clean-label, plant-based products.

By leveraging Fresh Del Monte’s resources and distribution channels, both companies can meet the growing demand for nutritious and convenient food options.

Vertage, founded by Chef Margaux Riccio, has already gained recognition for its dairy-free cheeses, which are served in renowned restaurants across California, New York, and the mid-Atlantic region. The partnership signifies Fresh Del Monte’s dedication to optimizing its assets and supporting like-minded brands that share their mission.