PowerFlex, a provider of intelligent solar, storage, and EV charging solutions, has completed the installation of 415 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for DHL Express. The chargers, equipped with PowerFlex X energy management software, were installed at DHL service center facilities across major U.S. markets. The software monitors and tracks charging activities, integrating with DHL’s telematics platforms to optimize EVSE operations.

This initiative is part of DHL’s commitment to sustainability and its goal of fleet electrification to reduce its carbon footprint. DHL is the first logistics company to target zero emissions. PowerFlex customized the EVSE project to align with DHL’s daily delivery operations, ensuring the charging stations were conveniently located for drivers while keeping them out of the vehicles’ path of travel. Level 2 (L2) chargers were chosen for their reliability, affordability, and lower power demand compared to Level 3 DC Fast Chargers.

PowerFlex’s L2 chargers are equipped with Adaptive Load Management (ALM) software, which balances power usage across the network to prevent energy spikes. This technology allows DHL to install twice the number of chargers without overtaxing the electricity grid. PowerFlex provided a comprehensive suite of services to DHL, including feasibility assessments, design and installation, software solutions, and ongoing asset management and maintenance.