Sleep Number

Sleep Number Corporation has announced its “Biggest Sale of the Year” starting on August 8. The sale includes all Sleep Number smart beds designed to provide the best sleep and adapt to the body’s changing needs over time. The sale features various science-backed innovations, including the Sleep Number 360® Limited Edition smart bed with 50% off, the next-generation Sleep Number c2 smart bed available for only $999, and $1,000 off the Sleep Number Climate360® smart bed, known for its temperature-regulating capabilities.

Customers can also enjoy discounts on pillows and bedding, with a BOGO 50% off offer on all pillows and 20% off select bedding items. The sale extends to furniture as well, with 30% off all furniture, including the new Sleep Number® Lifestyle Furniture collection that offers smart solutions to support individual sleep needs.

During this annual sale, Sleep Number will offer multiple financing options, making their smart beds and sleep solutions accessible to a broader range of customers. The sale coincides with Labor Day, providing an opportunity for shoppers to invest in improving their sleep experience with the latest advancements in sleep technology.