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Stackline reveals its Ratings and Reviews product, which leverages generative AI and enables brands to automate, collect, and syndicate authentic customer reviews across the largest retailers


Seattle-based company Stackline has launched its Ratings and Reviews product, a first-of-its-kind solution that connects brands and manufacturers with verified shoppers and utilizes generative AI to scale reviews across major retailers.

The product, part of Stackline’s Shopper OS suite of solutions, aims to facilitate brand-to-customer connections and turn customers into advocates. Authentic reviews are crucial in the retail industry, with 74% of shoppers consulting them before making a purchase. Stackline’s solution allows brands and manufacturers to directly access shoppers and collect and syndicate reviews across various platforms, including retailers, direct-to-consumer websites, and social media. The Ratings and Reviews product offers shopper access, automated review requests, AI-powered writing assistants, and scalable syndication. By providing a constant flow of high-volume reviews, brands can experience gains in organic search and higher conversion rates.

Stackline’s CEO, Michael Lagoni, emphasizes the importance of ratings and reviews in helping consumers make informed decisions and fostering transparency between companies and customers. The company’s goal is to enable brands to engage in a two-way dialogue with their best customers and transform their customer relationships from transactional to transformational.