FEELM, a subsidiary of atomization technology company SMOORE, has unveiled its new TOPOWER disposable vape battery solution at a major industry event in the Middle East. The innovative power technology is designed to enhance the endurance of single-use devices, offering 30% more capacity compared to mainstream batteries while maintaining the same size. The TOPOWER battery can deliver over 6,000 puffs without requiring recharging and provides a constant power output to preserve the taste quality. FEELM claims it has the longest shelf life in the industry, with minimal power attenuation over time. The new solution aims to eliminate the need for additional charging cables, reducing production costs and enhancing convenience for users. FEELM has incorporated TOPOWER into two of its solutions, FEELM Max and Power Alpha, catering to a wide range of users. The company sees technology playing a pivotal role in achieving a smoke-free future and aims to alleviate users’ anxieties with a more convenient vaping experience.