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Zenni Celebrates 20 Years of Eyewear for Everyone, Surpasses 51M Pairs Sold Since Its Inception


Zenni, an online eyewear retailer, announced that it has sold over 51 million pairs of glasses and achieved a 15% year-over-year sales growth, as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The company, which believes that stylish and quality eyewear should be affordable and accessible to everyone, has seen over 60% of its customers return in the past year, further establishing itself as a leading provider of quality, affordable eyewear.

To better serve customers worldwide, Zenni has prioritized its investment in technological advances, such as its mobile app that allows customers to virtually try on and order their favorite glasses. Additionally, Zenni has invested in lens technologies, such as blue light-blocking lenses and lenses that adapt to changing indoor and outdoor light.

The company has also made a commitment to give back and make an impact in local communities through initiatives such as Zenni’s Vision Van, which will travel across the country and offer free vision screenings to those in need.