‘Total Commerce’ is both an aspiration and a framework

Posted: October 19, 2020

Instead of a transactional moment, brands need to see commerce as the pivotal customer experience.

Customers don’t “go shopping” anymore — they’re always shopping. Every brand today needs to transform their commerce process to evolve from a “moment of monetization” into an all-encompassing customer relationship.

The new Total Commerce Playbook from dentsu delivers useful insights on how different industries are being revolutionized in the post-store era. It provides a framework for extending your brand’s commerce capabilities to meet the new “total commerce” imperatives.

The Playbook discusses:

  • How consumers expectations are being transformed by new technologies and market conditions
  • Why “total commerce” has become essential to brand business growth today
  • How digital experiences, content at scale, identity and marketplaces enable “total commerce”

Download the Total Commerce Playbook.

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