[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Which will ultimately reign over all retail?

Posted: April 4, 2018

Two history-altering companies: Which will ultimately reign over all retail?

With Walmart’s dominance of brick and mortar and Amazon’s dominance of online retail, outright war between the two retail colossuses was inevitable. Walmart’s acquisition of Jet and the subsequent appointment of Amazon-antagonist Mark Lore as head of e-commerce was a shot across the bow which Amazon answered loudly with the acquisition of Whole Foods.

It’s undeniable: this fight is now in full swing. In this live event, Rakuten Intelligence principal analyst Ken Cassar will lay out the match, and tell you how each punch is landing. Following his analysis, Ken will be joined by RetailWire BrainTrust panelists Carol Spieckerman and Lee Peterson for a debate on which company will emerge victorious, moderated by RetailWire CEO Al McClain.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Walmart is growing, and where it is winning volume;
  • The distinctions between Walmart and Amazon customers;
  • Who is winning in the critical battle for online grocery dominance;
  • What role acquisitions have played, and how they will play out;
  • Where the battle leaves suppliers and competitors.

About the presenters:
Ken Cassar, Principal Analyst, Rakuten Intelligence
Carol Spieckerman, President, Spieckerman Retail
Lee Peterson, EVP, Brand, Strategy & Design, WD Partners
Moderator – Al McClain, CEO, Co-founder, RetailWire

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