David Slavick

Co-Founder & Partner, Ascendant Loyalty

David Slavick is a multi-channel retail marketing expert leveraging data insight to drive strategic planning, financial modeling to support business case evaluation, program communications/ offer management, customer loyalty program design/strategy, and analytical precision.

David has led large teams in the development and sustained innovation for CRM/Loyalty programs while at Accenture Interactive, Deloitte Digital, FTD Companies, Sears Holdings and American Eagle Outfitters.

Specialties: Assessing technology infrastructure and gaps to solve for limitations and constraints in 1:1 relationship marketing. Strategic planning and analysis to drive incremental profitable return on investment from valued customer segments – through innovative program re-fresh efforts. Deliver practical recommendations that are actionable based on extensive experience in the CRM/Loyalty discipline. Lead a team with Six Sigma project management discipline to meet/exceed client timelines/expectations.

David Slavick Co-Founder & Partner at Ascendant Loyalty Marketing career has progressed from Top 10 ad agency firms leading teams in media/strategic planning, to CRM/Loyalty planning/management for global brands, to consulting at both Accenture Interactive and Deloitte Digital. His firm is now servicing the customer-centric needs of Top 100 clients in: Retail, Hospitality, Cruise Lines and Pure Play e-Commerce sectors. David is a multi-channel retail marketing expert leveraging data insight to drive strategic planning, creative/offer management, customer loyalty program design/strategy, and analytical modeling/segmentation application to drive profitable business results. Go to website:
  • Posted on: 01/19/2023

    Retailers should be prepping now for economic recovery

    History has shown over the past 50 years that when recession is about to overwhelm the economy and companies in Retail, CPG, Service sectors especially pull back on marketing spend as well as personnel, those whom they compete against who do the OPPOSITE come out on the other side at a significant competitive advantage in terms of market share on a sustainable basis. We are seeing retailers INVESTING in customer acquisition and retention, not the other way around. 1:1 dialogue with best customers is the best medicine for combating economic slowdown.
  • Posted on: 01/17/2023

    Is culture the key to Target’s success?

    Target was my client for many years within the Financial Services area -- credit card -- both co-brand VISA and proprietary. If you've ever spent time in their downtown MSP offices you know immediately how friendly, nurturing and empowering the culture is. Loved being a partner and it certainly contributes to staff loyalty as well as customers feeling welcome across the multi-channel experience.
  • Posted on: 01/12/2023

    Will Best Buy customers be okay with its rewards program changes?

    Unless you are planning on a major appliance purchase and getting 0% financing, you are not applying for a BBY Mastercard. That is my take on pushing the co-brand card as the best value for a customer. Back in the day, when credit didn't matter, identifying the customer and giving them something back in value that could be used toward CDs, home electronics, upgrades with your car sound system or a flat screen tv -- all good. Today, the store is a warehouse with zero fun factor and little reason to shop unless you need a flat screen or appliance. Let's not forget they once had a catalog online that you could shop from, use your BBY Mastercard and get cash back savings. That dried up over time and is no longer. Where is the TRUE innovation? Why can't they bring in experts to advise them on how to do it right with the customer at the center and not play around with tricky tactics that are neither meaningful nor sustainable?
  • Posted on: 01/12/2023

    Will Best Buy customers be okay with its rewards program changes?

    Jenn -- it was even better than 2% back when it launched as Reward Zone!
  • Posted on: 01/12/2023

    Will Best Buy customers be okay with its rewards program changes?

    I pitched BBY on loyalty, showed them the ropes for financial modeling and indeed they did launch Reward Zone as a PAID program. believe it or not. Well ahead of its time.
    • I dare say I'm likely one of the first members in the database! Every electronics, music component system, pc and music CD was purchased there.
    • The value for a customer who pays with their preferred (non BBY) tender is useless and if its free shipping you want -- frankly I do not need it as the store is 4 miles down the road -- well yippee.
    • So disappointing and yet they can build a rationale to promote and charge $199.99 for their TotalTech program -- how ridiculous is that?
    The leadership at BBY should call in the experts in loyalty to do an expert job, while they make a concerted effort to improve the overall look and feel of the store. It has become a warehouse vs. a cool, hip, attractive place to shop.
  • Posted on: 01/11/2023

    Will job cuts spur growth for McDonald’s?

    More stores in the U.S. -- really? Where are they going to find prime locations that aren't in close proximity to existing stores? Global expansion would appear to be a better option where density and competition are less intense.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2023

    Do drinking and shopping mix?

    This is insane. Shoppers with children now have to deal with intoxicated people shouting and swearing loudly plus let's not forget cannabis is made legal in the Grand Canyon State. Not to sound like an old fuddy duddy but this is plain dumb. It will reduce foot traffic due to safety, security and overall less pleasant shopping environment. Now I am all for a beer and popcorn at my favorite AMC Theatre but open carry in a state where the sun shines warmly and many, not one cold beer sure quenches your thirst -- forget about it!
  • Posted on: 01/06/2023

    Nike gets Netflix viewers moving

    Partnerships are the key to winning the hearts and minds of brand lovers. You can't have a more sound strategic alignment than Nike with Netflix. The Nike lover with the Netflix home subscription creates a synergy that supports direct-to-consumer sales and provides value-add content to support retention strategies.
  • Posted on: 01/06/2023

    Nike gets Netflix viewers moving

    It is a brilliant move. When you have the resources and the brand likability plus a partner with the reach of Netflix - perfect match!
  • Posted on: 01/06/2023

    Is Bed Bath & Beyond nearing the end of the line?

    The store looked exactly as described here during the holidays. Frankly, it was sad to see. When your suppliers are not giving you product and your shelves are truly empty not through customers pulling the items off the shelf but sheer OOS, it is not a good picture. If you wanted to buy a cushy Koolaburra (ugh) throw blanket, they had end-of-aisle displays throughout the store. If you wanted to buy a coffeemaker or other small appliance (perfect gift for the holidays) -- that was a no go. The mistakes made with their Welcome Rewards program simply reinforce their dysfunction.
  • Posted on: 01/05/2023

    Bloomingdale’s looks to make more with less

    Downsizing to achieve a higher profit on a per square foot basis, reducing overhead expense and taking advantage of available retail space are all brilliant moves. Just do more with less -- that is the mantra as it relates to retail space optimization.
  • Posted on: 01/04/2023

    Do retailers need a different retention strategy for older workers?

    Treat ALL employees with respect and empathy. That is the Golden Rule. In retail an older worker is motivated not only by economic benefit but indeed the friend factor. Younger workers will benefit as well by learning life's lessons from older workers - not only by observing their work ethic but by having the opportunity to hear their stories, learn of their passions and gain perspective on what is truly important in life.
  • Posted on: 01/03/2023

    Can a hospitality bigwig bring new life to Under Armour?

    Short answer, No. To win is to innovate. To innovate you need to understand product design, sourcing, merchandise planning/analysis and so much more. What about the release says innovation? None. Nada. The brand is awesome. The product very affordable. The shopping experience at the UA Brand House is underwhelming. Nike stays ahead and so does Adidas through direct-to-consumer sales model and sports sponsorships plus regional/country focus. UA has a lot to address but they do have assets to take advantage of -- brand love, health and fitness apps, etc. Their loyalty program is a big yawn. Points are boring -- bring experiential rewards, access, engagement, social sharing at a community level into everything the brand and the program represents.
  • Posted on: 12/29/2022

    Should Ames be making a comeback?

    I serviced this account long ago. Nostalgia does not win at retail. This is throwing good money after bad. Sounds like a rural Target with small square footage. There is certainly a lot of real estate to rent at attractive rates, so that is not the challenge. Being relevant, fulfilling orders via e-commerce and making the shopping experience distinctive/worthwhile is the key. What is their unique positioning? Is the name AMES meaningful vs. launching a new store concept and starting fresh?
  • Posted on: 12/29/2022

    The winner of the 2022 RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge is…

    A spot with a heartfelt, human feeling always wins at the holidays. Publix did it perfect. Etsy is very well done in showing a spectrum of nationalities and personal gift giving with a unique touch. It is just wonderful to see these spots celebrating family, closeness, love and humor vs. pharma ads for products that always end in a vowel! Happy holidays everyone!

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