David Spear

Senior Partner, Industry Consulting, Retail, CPG and Hospitality, Teradata

Dave brings 25+ years of experience working across the Retail/CPG industry and Consulting space, driving strategic innovation, value and ROI. Dave continually finds himself at the intersection of brand, consumer and digital, which typically necessitates some level of digital transformation work. Currently, Dave is a Senior Industry Consulting Leader for Retail, CPG and Hospitality industries at Teradata, where he consults with a portfolio of 50+ clients across the Americas. A big believer in Client Centricity, Dave is a student of building trust and long-term relationships with key stakeholders.

Prior to joining Teradata, Dave has held numerous roles at large enterprises such as IBM, Capgemini, Coca-Cola and UPS, while also leading a small entrepreneurial mobile company for nearly 5 years. Dave graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and earned his MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and has 4 boys.

  • Posted on: 12/01/2022

    Walgreens rolls out 24/7 delivery and parents with sick kids do the happy dance

    Great idea. Even better PR move, but profit will determine if this service will last long term. How many missed 30-minute windows will it take for Walgreens to kill the program? Not many, when average basket sizes are in the $22-25 range. I'm rooting for consistent execution because there's nothing more important to a parent than getting OTC meds/products quickly to their ailing child. Make this happen Walgreens!
  • Posted on: 12/01/2022

    Will candy consumers recycle their wrappers?

    There is tremendous upside in packaging innovation and this is but one snappy example of companies using technology and chemistry to deliver new eco-friendly wrappers. Like any new innovation, it will take time for consumers to be educated on proper recycling, but it's my guess that consumers will catch on quickly.
  • Posted on: 11/30/2022

    Can Alexa find a path to monetization?

    In 2018, the top 15 most-asked questions on Google Android were non-revenue related, like "take me home," "where am I," "what's the name of this song?" There was only one that was tangentially related to monetization, "restaurants near me." Devices like Amazon's Echo are typically found in the home and therefore are predisposed to non-revenue related activities, i.e. temperature, time, music. Voice activated mobile apps like Apple's Siri, and Google's Assistant are much better positioned for monetization activities versus Alexa. And depending on what source you look at, the CAGR growth for voice activation is expected to be at a 17 percent to 24 percent pace over the next five to seven years. With technology getting better, the digital savvy Millennials'/Gen Zers' incomes swelling and shoppers having more confidence in security, voice shopping, will become larger over the next 10 years.
  • Posted on: 11/29/2022

    Amazon and Asda go head-to-head in RetailWire’s Christmas Commercial Challenge

    Amazon's spot has my vote. It has all the elements that warm your heart and make Christmas special. The father's ingenuity was brilliant and the look and feel of the daughter as the lights were turned on in the homemade snow globe were priceless. Asda's was cute, but the overall story line was pretty weak. Amazon wins by a long shot.
  • Posted on: 11/28/2022

    Do boring leaders make for better business results?

    There are legions of charismatic CEOs who have failed. We read about them all the time. When they do succeed, I believe they're disrupting entire industries, bringing new innovation never seen before. The really good ones know their skill set limitations and surround themselves with the "boring" technicians who know the fundamentals of running their functions extremely well. Can a "boring" CEO be successful? Absolutely. They may not be the person you want to hang out with on a Saturday, but they know how to run a business profitably.
  • Posted on: 11/23/2022

    Do digital coupons discriminate against those who can least afford it?

    Retailers are not intentionally trying to discriminate against any single demographic. They are simply leveraging technology to reach individuals on different channels. Every retailer's marketing strategies are a bit different and some are better at leveraging tech programs than others. As far as seniors, my mother-in-law is 87 and she is more tech-savvy than most 40 year olds.
  • Posted on: 11/22/2022

    How should Mary Dillon reimagine Foot Locker?

    Ms. Dillon is on the right path with a "consumer-led" approach. Using all of the tools at her disposal, especially data and analytics, will serve her well, enabling the team at Foot Locker to uncover new insights they've never seen before and pull them back into the decision-making process. I'm speculating here, but I'm guessing her beauty background will spawn some pretty cool, new store design, new in-store experiences and new consumer loyalty programs. This will be essential to support her consumer-first approach.
  • Posted on: 11/22/2022

    Will John Lewis or Publix win the RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge?

    Both were terrific. Each was unique in its own way, tugging at your own family memories, the love of cooking, and the fondness of having guests over during a holiday celebration. Tough choice, but I'd have to give the very slight nod to Publix.
  • Posted on: 11/21/2022

    H&M brings rotating experiences to its new Brooklyn boutique

    I'm all in for these kinds of experiments. So much will be learned, and these new insights should be immediately applied across the enterprise. The obvious KPI is aggregate sales, but I'm always drawn to engagement and interest in the various experiences that H&M will offer to shoppers. These metrics can smartly inform how subsequent activities should be tweaked to more appropriately delight shoppers.
  • Posted on: 11/21/2022

    Will cracking down on serial returners solve retailers’ return problem?

    The survey results seem reasonable, but retailers must do a better job of helping shoppers on the front end of the purchase with more detailed sizing information. I've always liked information such as, "the model wearing the pants is 6'3" tall," "our shirts tend to run on the larger size," "our shoes are typically narrower than the average shoe you purchase." These hints help zero in on the right size and reduce the overall returns that occur.
  • Posted on: 11/18/2022

    Where is the innovation we should be seeing in store brands?

    I think there's tremendous upside for retailers to innovate with their existing store brands and launch new ones in niche categories that appeal to consumers' preferences. Yes, this takes some due diligence and good old fashioned research (which means money), but the payoff can be huge when a private label product finds the sweet spot. Target, 7-Eleven, Costco, QT and Racetrac are just a few who have done a fantastic job of launching new private labels that have scored wins with consumers and have raked in huge sums of cash.
  • Posted on: 11/18/2022

    Do retailers need to add chief trust officers?

    I don't see the need to add another acronym in the C-suite. Trust is part of the brand equity every associate in the company is striving to improve. Brand management is most responsible for this but as we all know, it's the job of everyone in the company, because everything communicates. Sure, there are new privacy laws and policies being enacted in foreign countries and here in the U.S., but this doesn't automatically translate into hiring another high level executive. This will result in more turf wars and silos being created, which is never good. Here's an idea -- how about better collaboration among CISOs, Chief Counsel, Chief Data Officers and CMOs?
  • Posted on: 11/17/2022

    Will a strike on ‘Red Cup Day’ get Starbucks to change its anti-union tune?

    The Red Cup Day strike will have little operational effect, but Starbucks management would be wise to move as quickly as they can to find resolution on these issues. Nothing but negative PR emanates from these types of situations. Note to the new CEO -- move with a sense of urgency.
  • Posted on: 11/16/2022

    Aldi Australia vs. Kroger: The RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge

    Both are very good. The Aldi commercial is quite funny, although I thought it was 15 seconds too long. You get the theme quickly, but there were too many ninja moves and not enough focus on the important subject of having seconds, thirds, and fourths. The Kroger commercial is touching, and I like the "back-in-time" scenes, which make the story even more powerful. This is a tough choice, but my vote goes to the Kroger commercial.
  • Posted on: 11/16/2022

    Can Walmart hold onto the new, wealthier customers it is picking up?

    Walmart will retain new customers, median to higher income, as long as inflation cuts into everyone's pocket books. I believe inflation will be with us all the way through 2023. During this time, Walmart has a wonderful opportunity to surprise and delight these new customers with other general merchandise in the store, especially with their new fashion partnerships that are coming to life.

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