Indoor GPS navigation has long been a challenge that retailers and consumers have faced. While GPS technology has transformed outdoor navigation, finding a seamless solution for indoor spaces has proven elusive. Enter Uri Tzadikevitch, vice president of product at Oriient, a company at the forefront of revolutionizing indoor location technology. In our exclusive interview, Uri discusses the groundbreaking information he and his team have brought to the table, shedding light on the future of indoor navigation.

Indoor GPS Challenges & Change

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Uri begins by highlighting the challenges associated with indoor navigation. He acknowledges that while GPS has become an integral part of outdoor navigation, it fails to translate effectively indoors. Despite the proliferation of e-commerce and online shopping, many people still frequent physical stores for a sensory experience that cannot be replicated online. However, the gap between digital and physical retail experiences has been a persistent issue, leaving retailers and consumers searching for solutions.

Uri emphasizes the significance of seamless indoor navigation, particularly in the retail sector. He points out that a third of shoppers struggle to find the products they want in stores, leading to disappointment and missed opportunities for both shoppers and businesses alike. With the rise of e-commerce and the ongoing importance of physical retail, there is a growing need to bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences.

The challenges associated with implementing indoor GPS navigation technology are acknowledged in a clear and informative way. Historically, solutions have required expensive hardware installations or relied on inaccurate Wi-Fi-based systems. Oriient aims to eliminate these challenges by offering a software-only solution that seamlessly integrates with retailers’ existing apps. This approach is attracting interest from retailers of various sizes, with early adopters being larger retailers seeking to enhance customer experiences across multiple locations.

Oriient’s Vision: Bringing the Online Experience To Indoor GPS

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Oriient’s focus is to make indoor navigation and location-based experiences as accessible and user-friendly as outdoor navigation. Uri highlights his company’s commitment to translating the online shopping experience into the physical store. This includes providing ways to search for products, personalized promotions, and contextual navigation within the store. Additionally, businesses can benefit from advanced analytics, similar to those used in e-commerce, to enhance the overall shopping experience.

This new indoor GPS technology is also paving the way for accurate indoor navigation without the need for additional hardware installations. The solution revolves around leveraging the magnetometer sensor present in smartphones, which detects Earth’s magnetic field. By mapping the magnetic field in a given indoor space, Oriient’s technology enables real-time navigation with incredible accuracy, all while considering walking patterns and variations in magnetic field strength.

One of the most exciting aspects of this new indoor GPS technology is the potential for personalization within the physical store. Uri describes scenarios where retailers can offer contextually relevant promotions, suggest related products, and even guide customers based on their shopping lists. This creates a more tailored and engaging experience, similar to what users expect from online shopping platforms, and it can converge with the advantages of well-designed store layouts.

When asked about the future of indoor navigation, Uri drew parallels with outdoor GPS. Just as outdoor navigation has become an indispensable tool, he envisions that indoor navigation will become a fundamental layer in various environments, including stores, airports, stadiums, and more. The convenience and ubiquity of smartphones make integrating indoor navigation a natural progression, enriching physical experiences and helping businesses better serve their customers.

Oriient GPS Technology

Uri Tzadikevitch’s insights into his company’s revolutionary indoor GPS navigation technology shed light on a future where seamless in-store navigation becomes the norm. By leveraging existing smartphone sensors and offering a software-only solution, Oriient is leading the way in transforming the way we navigate and experience physical spaces. As retailers strive to merge the convenience of online shopping with the tactile engagement of in-store visits, Oriient’s innovations promise a future where shopping is both efficient and personalized, setting new standards for the entire retail industry.

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