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Modelo Especial in May represented 8.4 percent of U.S. retail beer sales, moving it ahead of Bud Light, which held a 7.3 percent share. Bud Light sales have taken a hit after a controversy surrounding an inclusivity campaign run by the brand that included sending transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a personalized Bud Light as a gift.

The Bud Light boycott negatively impacted Bud Light sales and has allowed Model Especial to take the lead. The discrepancy between the two brands reflects in Modelo holding 8.4% of US retail beer sales, while Bud Light trails behind at 7.3%. 

One of the main reasons this is making headlines is that Bud Light has been in the top spot for over two decades. Analysts also point towards Modelo’s new advertising, retailer support, package design, and May’s Cinco de Mayo sales.

A new low-carb beer from Modelo has also helped the brand start the summer season off strong, and experts suggest that Modelo’s sales might only increase from here.

How long this will last is yet to be determined, as Bud Light’s image might have been severely impacted by their main target audience.

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