Albertsons Charged for Overcharging

Sep 03, 2003

By George Anderson

The San Diego Union-Tribune Web site reports Albertsons has been ordered to pay $1.85 million for scanner overcharges in California.

According to the report, “Weights and Measures inspectors from 15 counties in California, including San Diego, documented 335 inspections at 157 Albertson’s stores in which inspectors were overcharged for items at checkout.”

The supermarket chain was ordered to pay penalties, costs and improvements in the case. It was also directed by the judge to create response procedures for overcharges and to develop a “give away” program if items continue to ring up higher than they are priced on the shelf.

Moderator’s Comment: Are checkout errors resulting
in higher or lower charges a common occurrence in retail outlets? What can be
done to reduce the incidence of errors?

Assigning someone within the store to identify and correct
discrepancies can go a long way toward making shoppers happy and keeping retail
operations running smoothly.
Anderson – Moderator

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