Apple’s Stores Grow

Jun 07, 2002

As Apple Computer’s retail store expansion continues, the company will increasingly turn its attention to converting current Windows-based PC users to Macs. An estimated 40 percent of the 5,000 people visiting an Apple retail store each week are PC users. Apple sees this strategy as essential to expanding its market share, reports CNET

The company is considering a number of in-store demonstrations to demystify the Macintosh to Windows users, sources close to the company’s plans say. One strategy under consideration would involve bringing PCs from one or more manufacturers into the stores, where customers would presumably be shown the advantages of Macs. Apple also plans to run Connectix VirtualPC, emulation software for running Windows on Macs, on store demo units to show PC users that they could continue using Windows software on Macs.

Apple plans to open 20 more stores this year in the cities including New York City’s Soho district and Los Angeles in July; Novi, Mich., and Wellington, Fla., in August; St. Lois, Mo., and Towson, Md., in September; and Las Vegas, Pasadena, Calif., Denver, and Oakbrook, Ill., in November.

Moderator Comment: What is your evaluation of Apple’s
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Happiness for we Mac users means never having to go into
CompUSA again. [George
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