Author Blanchard: No Right Way To Do Wrong Thing

Dec 19, 2002

By George Anderson

Best-selling author, Ken Blanchard, urged business executives to make ethical leadership a primary goal.

Mr. Blanchard said, “Sometimes when you make a decision that is right, it may not make your company look good in the short run, and you’re going to take a hit. It’s possible for something to be legal but unethical, but always remember: there is no right way to do a wrong thing.”

The author of Raving Fans, The One Minute Manager and Gung
o told attendees of the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics event,
“I was intrigued with Jesus as a model of leadership. Jesus hired 12 incompetent
guys, and the only one with any education was Judas, and he was the turnover
problem. What happens after you’re gone is what matters.

Moderator’s Comment: Is it an advantage or disadvantage
for a company that does business ethically in today’s competitive environment?

Mr. Blanchard said he would like to see the creation of
the “Fortunate 500”. Companies on the list would be rated for performance on
what Mr. Blanchard calls “The Triple Bottom Line” – customer loyalty, being
the employer of choice and the investment of choice.
Anderson – Moderator

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