Burger King Flame-Broils First Veggie Burger

Mar 15, 2002

Burger King Corporation and its franchisees will introduce the first nationally available, fast-food veggie burger on Monday. The BK VEGGIE(TM) burger is a flame-broiled veggie burger patty with a blend of garden fresh vegetables, whole-grains and spices, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and a newly introduced reduced-fat mayonnaise, all on a sesame seed bun.

“This is a very exciting product introduction and menu enhancement that our customers told us they want from BURGER KING,” said John H. Dasburg, chairman, CEO and president, Burger King Corporation. “By flame-broiling the BK VEGGIE(TM) burger we assure our customers that now they can have a veggie burger that tastes great.”

Moderator Comment: Is there a mass consumer market
for fast food vegetarian meals?

Considering McDonald’s recent problems over animal fat
in its fries, it appears as though Burger King is looking to scoop up fast food
vegan and vegetarian consumers. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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