C-Store Sniper Strikes Again

Aug 18, 2003

By George Anderson

Investigators in West Virginia are not willing to say three convenience store shooting incidents were connected, even though evidence appears to be pointing to the same weapon being used in each crime.

All three victims were reportedly shot from a distance by a small-caliber gun. Each crime took place outside a convenience store late at night.

According to the Charleston Gazette, “Police have not ruled out the possibility that the suspect could be the same person who gunned down a man outside a Charleston Kroger store in March. In that case, however, the shooter used a high-powered rifle.”

Moderator’s Comment: Do retailers need to improve security
in and out of the store to protect shoppers and employees?

The standard answer is always going to be that all that
can be done is being done. It’s a sad commentary, but this incident and others
here and around the world have demonstrated, serial killers and terrorists see
retail locations as prime killing grounds. Standard answers don’t work anymore.
Anderson – Moderator

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