Chicken Chains Losing Sales to Burger Joints

Sep 25, 2003

By George Anderson

Consumers are eating more chicken than ever. They just aren’t necessarily getting it at chains such as KFC, Popeye’s and Church’s, reports Reuters.

According to NPD Group research, the hamburger chains are growing share of chicken purchases as consumers choose more portable foods such as chicken sandwiches and strips over
fried and rotisserie chicken.

NPD’s Harry Balzer said, “Three of the top five chicken sellers in America primarily sell hamburgers.”

The chicken chains are searching for answers to fend off the competition, including rolling out new items such as KFC’s popcorn chicken and honey barbecue wings. The jury is
still out on the success of these new product initiatives.

Moderator’s Comment: Can the chicken chains recapture share of chicken sales from burger chains, pizza parlors and other food service competitors?

What’s next? Will KFC start selling burgers and pizza? [George
Anderson – Moderator

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