Code Orange Reaction A Matter of Location

Mar 19, 2003

By George Anderson

The Baltimore Sun reports that an unidentified man was arrested in Forest Hill, Maryland after a grocery store manager called police.

A store employee told police he noticed fumes coming from the man’s backpack. A search of the backpack turned up powdered drink mix.

The man was held and charged with hindering a police investigation for allegedly refusing to give officers his name.

In North Carolina, stores reported that the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to raise the terror alert level to orange has not had a noticeable effect on consumer purchases.

John Lampe, a clerk at Baird Hardware, told the Durham Herald Sun “he noticed a rise in sales of duct tape and plastic when the terror alert was raised Feb. 7, but not this time.”

The government recommends that households store at least a gallon of water per day per person as well as a supply of non-perishable food products.

Moderator’s Comment: Have the previous raises of alerts
made consumers more passe about the possibility of a terrorist attack? Should
retailers do anything differently with their product ordering/stocking levels
based on the alert level being raised?

Where you live matters most. People in New York are probably
more concerned than those in Wichita, Kansas.

Also, it seems to us there is only so much duct tape anyone
can own (yes, we know about the thousands of uses for the stuff).
Anderson – Moderator

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